Friday, March 2, 2012

Provided On His Time

Y'all know by now that I worry about money. I joked with someone yesterday that I'm not a worrier, but I do worry about food and money haha. Not even two weeks ago, I realized that we had about $200 in our savings account. This is not the account we use to pay bills, although it has been supplementing since Matthew's job change. But because he is making just enough, we haven't been able to save at all. Instead we've been taking money out of the savings to pay the bills. It's close to registration time at school, which means a big tuition bill will need to be paid soon. And birthday season has started in our family. All of this requires money that we didn't have.

I know that there are things we can sacrifice like cable, telephone, the quality of food we buy, eating out, and obviously gifts. But I just can't bring myself to cut back on these things, even though I think about it quite often. I'm sure it's my pride that is stopping me. I need to work on that. My mom's birthday is today in fact, and I wanted to get her a gift. If I didn't get a gift, she would be upset even though she knows money is short. That's just how it is in my family. I just decided we would cut back on our grocery bill for the month to afford a gift and going out to dinner (at the Angus Barn I might add). But I was worried even about that, worried if we would be able to make it a whole month on a grocery budget cut in half.

After worrying for a few days, I was so caught up in my school work and my job that I didn't have time to worry. It didn't even cross my mind for a couple of days. While on break from class one morning, I had an email from work (as I often do) saying they needed me for a 2 afternoon a week set schedule from now until further notice. After class was out for the day, Matthew called to let me know his unemployment money finally came in! God always provides and on His time! We have been so blessed, again! I worried in vain. Imagine if I had stopped worrying months ago where we would be now! haha

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