Sunday, December 19, 2010

It Was One of Those Days!

I had a really bad day yesterday. My parents and I went to a wedding for a girl and guy I went to high school with. I couldn't make Matthew go with me, even though he had nothing better to do! And as much as I wanted to go to the wedding, I really didn't want to go.

Over the last few months I have slowly separated myself from all of those "friends" I used to have. After the year of planning my wedding and none of them being there for me to talk to or help me or anything, I decided it was time to just stop allowing myself to be close to them since they continuously let me down. I struggled with making that decision, but I knew that it was the right one. It was easy to be okay with it when nothing really changes. They didn't call me before and they don't call me now. I didn't hang out with them before and I don't hang out with them now. A few of them don't live here anymore and the ones that do are consumed in their own things.

But seeing all of those people in one place, enjoying themselves, laughing and talking with each other, I just couldn't handle it. I know that it's wrong to be jealous of other people, but I am jealous of their friendships. Do you know what it feels like to not have any friends? I mean, I have my husband, but it's different. And he has his own friends. So I just feel kind of lonely. I don't know how to fix it other than finding new friends. That's something I haven't done since elementary school!

I went to the wedding and the reception. But I called Matthew to come get me, so I left before the couple ever got there. I cried off and on most of the afternoon and into the evening. I wouldn't wish that feeling on my worst enemy. I felt like the biggest loser on earth. I don't think I'm weird or annoying or anything like that at all. So what's my problem? Why can't I have a friend? I just want one!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Just 6 Short Months Ago...

I can't believe that Sunday made 6 months Matthew and I have been married! Where did time go? We've done so many things, and on the other hand I feel like we haven't done much of anything. If 6 months went by this fast, how fast will the rest of my life go by? Although we've had our fights, I wouldn't change any of it! We've had a lot of fun and I can't wait to see what's happening next!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

30 Days of Truth - Day 12

Something you never get compliments on.

Hmm.. I used to get compliments all the time on my clothes and how I dressed. Since I gained all of this weight, I have definitely gotten slack on taking the time to dress nicely. I don't accessorize. I don't care if my clothes even match. I just wake up and rush to get ready so that I won't be late for work. I haven't cared in a long time. I think not taking the time to care and not getting the compliments I was used to getting have affected my self esteem. I've kind of gotten in this vicious cycle of I don't care what I'm wearing, nobody else cares what I'm wearing, if they cared they would compliment me, if they complimented me I would dress nicely, but I don't dress nicely because nobody cares. Hopefully I can start getting some of this weight off of me so I can start wearing my nice clothes again instead of just whatever I can find in my size.

12 Days of Christmas - Day 14

Oprah's Favorite Things: What item(s) would you want if you were in the audience?

Whoa, she has a huge list of favorite things! And I'm not being greedy here, I'm just saying IF I were in the audience I would be super excited to have the following:

  • Baker's Edge Lasagna Pan - Not that I make lasagna or anything, but I may want to someday!
  • Baker's Edge Brownie Pan - I love brownies!
  • Beecher's "World Best" Mac'n'Cheese - But I love macaroni and cheese more!!!
  • Centerville Pie Company's Chicken Pie - I don't know what chicken pie, but it sounds good!
  • Elfa Customizable Closet System from the Container Store - I would die if I had a customized closet!!! I love organization products, so this would be awesome!
  • Five Year Netflix Membership - I would get rid of cable if I had free netflix!
  • Le Creuset Cookware - I just love the colors of this stuff!
  • Miracle Body Jeans by Miraclesuit - I don't know what these are, but if it miracle and body are both describing the same piece of clothing, then they are definitely for me!
  • Nikon D3100 Digital SLR Camera - I don't take a lot of pictures, but I would if I had one of these!
  • Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas Cruise - I have never been on a cruise, so if someone gave me a trip for free, heck yeah I'd be on my way!
  • Sony BRAVIA LX900 HDTV with 3D - There's nothing wrong with a girl loving a nice television more than any man ever could!

12 Days of Christmas - Day 13

Favorite Cookie Recipe

I don't have a favorite cookie recipe because growing up my mom definitely took the easy way out of baking. She's admitted that she's a terrible baker, so slice and bake Pillsbury cookies it was! But I have not found one cookie that tastes better than a Pillsbury sugar cookie with a perfect reindeer, snowman, or santa on the front (and back) of every cookie! Yummmmm!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

12 Days of Christmas - Day 12

Show Us Your Decorations (Indoors and Outdoors)

I have finished the mantel, and that's about it! Actually none of our lights are working, so we are going to buy all new ones when Matthew gets off work! I will update with pictures as soon as we are done!

30 Days of Truth - Day 11

Something people seem to compliment me the most on...

My hair! I am probably one of the laziest people when it comes to my hair. I have to wash my hair every morning before leaving the house. I shampoo and condition it every single day, which most hair stylists will tell you not to do. I do not towel dry or blow dry my hair. I do not brush my hair. I don't even own a brush. I simply comb through my hair with a wide-toothed comb. And then I let my hair air dry. It just dries into these curls, not kinky and frizzy, but not just wavy either. But no matter what I do, the curls do not go away! I have straigtened my hair before. It takes forever because my hair is so thick, and then within an hour, the curls are back. So it's kind of pointless to even try to straighten it! But I always get so many compliments on my hair because of how thick it is and how naturally curly it is. I don't really care so much about it. I used to hate it when I wanted it to be straight like everyone else's hair, but it is what it is. And I'm finally okay with it! Because it takes no effort!

30 Days of Truth - Day 10

I just realized that I am a couple of weeks behind on the 30 Days of Truth! So here is day 10, a couple of weeks late!

Someone I need to let go, or wish I didn't know...

I don't really have anyone in my life right now that I need to let go. I have already let go of those people. I don't wish that I didn't know them, because knowing them has made my life what it is. I am just glad to say there is now that separation between me and them.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Seriously! It's snowing here and it's only December 4! This may be the earliest I've ever seen it snow! And if it sticks, I'll be even more excited! I just wish Matthew wasn't at work so we could finish our Christmas decorating while it snows!

12 Days of Christmas - Day 11

New Year Resolutions

I always have new year resolutions, and I never follow through with them. Sad, huh? But this year will be different! I always say that, too!
  • Exercise at least 4 times a week
  • Begin eating a healthier diet
  • Clean my house more often and more thoroughly. (It's not disgustingly dirty or anything, I just need to be more motivated to keep it up.)
  • Finish one degree in May! And get closer to finishing the second degree!
  • Keep track of my spending, use more coupons, and stick to my budget!
  • Become a better wife, friend, daughter, granddaughter, etc.

12 Days of Christmas - Day 10

Favorite Christmas Songs/Caroles

My favorite Christmas song comes from How the Grinch Stole Christmas with Jim Carrey. I just love when Cindy Lou Who sings "Where Are You Christmas"! When I hear that song, I am instantly in the Christmas spirit.

Matthew says his favorite songs are "Silent Night" and "Deck the Halls". He's so traditional ha!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

12 Days of Christmas - Day 9

Favorite Holiday Recipe

Here are some of my favorite snacks my mom always makes for Christmas!

Orange Blossoms

Prepare 1 box of yellow cake mix as directed on box. Cook in small mini muffin pans at 350 degrees. After they have cooked and slightly cooled, mix 2/3 cups orange juice, 1 box confectioner sugar, and 6 tablespoons of lemon juic then dip the muffins in the mixture.

Crackers Deluxe

Place saltines on a cookie sheet in a single layer (I recommend covering the entire cookie sheet). Baste the crackers with 1/4 lb. of melted butter. Top the crackers with shredded cheddar cheese. You should not be able to see much cracker surface. Sprinkle with cayenne pepper. Place in a 150 degree oven for 8 hours. My mom usually does this overnight.

Sausage Balls

1 lb. sausage
10 oz. shredded cheese (usually sharp cheddar)
2 1/2 cups Bisquick
1 teaspoon paprika

Mix together room temperature sausage and cheese. Add Bisquick and paprika and mix well. Form into small balls and bake at 350 degrees for 15 to 20 minutes. My mom usually doubles the recipe and uses a package of hot sausage and a package of mild.

12 Days of Christmas - Day 8

Least Favorite Thing About the Holidays

My least favorite thing about the holidays is that my PaPa isn't here to share it with me! I miss him very much and it always makes me sad around the holidays. I miss his prayers before the holiday meals. I miss how he loved every gift he got, even if he had picked it out himself. I miss his laugh. I miss his distinct smell. And I miss how excited I was for Christmas and spending the day at my grandparents'.

And another least favorite thing about the holidays is that I only get one day off work! I sure miss when I was in schooll and got two or three weeks off!

12 Days of Christmas - Day 7

Holiday Craft/DIY

I wish I had a holiday craft idea to share. But I don't. The biggest craft I will do this holiday season is put my Christmas tree up! ha! It's on my to do list!

12 Days of Christmas - Day 6

Gift Ideas

Well for Christmas this year I have asked for these pictures off our wedding registry at Crate and Barrel. I just love them and can't wait to put them in my kitchen!
I also asked for a few kitchen necessities that we didn't get for the wedding like potholders, cooking utensils, etc.

I definitely need some clothes, and I know I am getting some since I picked them out! And rainboots!

Overall, I asked for a lot of boring things haha! But I have been wanting a lot of it for weeks, even months. So it's good enough for me! And I'm lucky to be getting anything!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

12 Days of Christmas - Day 5

Favorite Holiday Movie/TV Special

I always love when A Christmas Story is on for the entire Christmas Day. I could watch that movie for a week straight and not get tired of it! Elf always adds a good laugh! The Holiday adds some love! And it really makes me wish I was in a cabin surrounded by snow! That would be the ultimate Christmas! But my most favorite of all is Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas with Jim Carrey! I just love it!

12 Days of Christmas - Day 4

Tips/Tricks to a Budget Friendly Holiday Season

If you are going to be making a large purchase that will be lasting you years (like a computer), find the one you want and wait for it to go on sale!

Always ask for boxes at the store! And if they offer free wrapping, take advantage of it! You may have to wait a few minutes, but it's free and you won't be rushing to wrap it at the last minute!

Start shopping early! Deals aren't always best right before the holidays. If you are buying anything seasonal like patio furniture or a grill, you can get a really great price at the end of the summer.

Be creative! If you're shopping for someone whose list is full of things costing more than you planned to spend on them total, think about their interests or needs and see what you can come up with.

12 Days of Christmas - Day 3

Meaningful/Memorable Gifts

I'm not sure that I've ever gotten any meaningful gifts. Is that sad? I usually get things that I need like new clothes or new shoes.

I have gotten some memorable gifts though! These are gifts that I have always remembered for one reason or another.

When I was about ten or eleven years old, two of my aunts (my mom's two sisters) gave me a red plaid flannel pajama set with lace around the neck, sleeves, and the pants. My mom made me wear them because it's not nice to not use a gift. Oh it was so horrible! They were so itchy and hot!

And this may have been the same Christmas, my grandma (on my mom's side) gave me beads and that stretchy lanyard type stuff. At daycare, we had been making beadie buddies lately. And I wanted the same stuff for Christmas so I could make them at home. My grandma was in her 80's and she didn't have a lot of money. She got me the beads that you iron to melt into shapes. Yeahhh, years later those beads and the lanyard stuff was still in the same box. I was upset at the time because I still couldn't make what I wanted, but my mom told me that grandma didn't have a lot of money and she wanted to get all of her grandkids something and she had done the best she could with what she got. This is when I learned that it is the thought that really counts. As much as I didn't like the gift, I have never forgotten it. I still think about it often, because it was the last gift she was ever able to buy for me.

About four or five years ago, I asked for Oakley sunglasses for Christmas. My uncle (my dad's brother) has never been married and usually gives me cool gifts that are probably intended more for a boy. But I was a tomboy growing up, so it was okay. I was so excited about getting a nice pair of sunglasses, but I really didn't know if I was getting any. I had gone to the store and picked out the ones I wanted, wrote down the exact information, and gave it to my mom. Christmas Day came around and I was so excited when I unwrapped a sunglass case! But when I opened it up, there was a pair of aviators from 1970. No joke! I was kind of mad, because I couldn't believe he had bought those when I clearly had picked out what I wanted. I put them on anyway, and I looked so hilarious! In the end, I got a gift card to go get the ones I really wanted. But it sure was funny getting the old ones!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

12 Days of Christmas - Day 2

Black Friday/General Shopping Tips & Tricks

I don't claim to be an expert shopper or anything, but I do love a deal. And I do hunt them down!

The first step is to have a defined budget and list. Don't just buy stuff because it's a deal. Make sure it's something the person wants or can use.

Deals aren't necessarily best on Black Friday. I have been buying gifts since June or July this year (the earliest I've ever started!) and have gotten better deals by giving myself time to wait for the best deal.

Always look for a coupon! Sign up for store email alerts. Most send out coupons all the time!

Learn to break up your transactions to get the most out of sales and your coupons! This goes for all shopping, including grocery shopping!

And save those coupons for a sale! By combining the two, you will almost always get an incredible deal!

12 Days of Christmas - Day 1

Christmas/Holiday Traditions

This year will be a little different now that my sister and I are both married. I'm not entirely sure how all of it's going to work out yet.

Christmas Eve
In the past, we always went to my aunt's house (my mom's sister) on Christmas Eve. We would go mid-afternoon and stay until about 9 p.m. My mom is the youngest of 8 kids (5 boys and 3 girls). All of them have at least two children of their own. I have a total of 23 cousins on that side. There are only 3 cousins younger than me. So out of the 25 grandchildren, 20 of them have children of their own. Some of my cousins are only a couple years younger than my mom, which means their children are older than I am! Yes, it's complicated I know. I really don't know if I know everyone's names. I used to get gifts when I was younger, but they say that once you get married you don't get gifts. There is always tons of food and everyone just comes and goes as they please.This year we are going to be getting together at my uncle's house instead since my aunt just had surgery.

Since I have been dating Matthew, I have also had to go to his aunt's house on Christmas Eve. They have their get together at the same time as my mom's family, but we just have to leave one early to go to the other. There is tons of food here as well. Everyone that's under 18 gets a gift from everyone, and everyone over 18 just gets a gift from the aunt who is hosting. But believe me, they are not gifts to get excited about. The first year Matthew got body wash and I got an itty bitty makeup bag that I know for a fact cost less than $2. Last year we got an address book and a letter opener. I know it's not about gifts, but I'd rather have the two bucks!

My sister always goes to her dad's house and has to leave my aunt's early, so this works out good since Matthew and I have to leave early as well. We can all go to the one together and then go our separate ways.

After we leave Matthew's aunt's house, we go back to my parents where some of my mom's second cousins (who we are quite close to) come over to sit around and laugh. We just tell crazy stories and jokes, and they all open a couple of bottles of wine. It's always a lot of fun!

Christmas Day
When I lived at home, I would wake up super early on Christmas morning to open my gifts! I usually love to sleep in, but I seriously get so excited about Christmas morning! After I would bribe my sister to get out of bed, we would wake up our parents and go downstairs. We open gifts one at a time, and I have to go last! I just have to! It's way more fun to let the anticipation build! I don't care if there are 100 people opening gifts, I want to be last! After we finish that, my mom usually cooks some cinnamon rolls and sausage. And of course we have all of the Christmas goodies like sausage balls, cheese crackers, pennies from heaven, etc.

After we all shower we go to my grandma's house (my dad's mom) to open gifts with his family. I only have two uncles and my grandma on that side of the family. So it's a lot less crazy than Christmas Eve! We again open gifts one at a time, and I go last. Sometimes we have a meal and sometimes we do sandwiches and snacky stuff. It usually depends on how Grandma feels that day. She is 87 after all. She gets what she wants!

Since Matthew and I have been together, we usually go over to his parents' house after we are done at my grandma's. They don't buy gifts really, but we give them their gifts. They gave us a nativity scene last year that we wanted, but that's all. It's a lot different than what my family does. And at some point we usually go see his grandparents (his dad's parents). They buy gifts, but his grandma usually just gives them to us as she buys them instead of wrapping them and waiting for Christmas. Definitely not as fun as opening gifts!

But this year will be a little different since we have to incorporate Shannon's new family as well. They have a small family and are very close, but I don't know how much they do for Christmas. I just hope that it all works out and there is a little bit of time left for Matthew and I have our own little Christmas with Cinnamon!

12 Days of Christmas

So I am giving into this 12 Days of Christmas blog challenge (except it's really 14 days) over at Analyze This! I am a couple of days behind, but here's the schedule:

Day 1: Christmas/Holiday Traditions
Day 2: Black Friday/General Shopping Tips & Tricks
Day 3: Most Meaningful Gift/Best Gift You've Received
Day 4: Tips/Tricks to a Budget Friendly Holiday Season
Day 5: Favorite Holiday Movie/TV Show Special
Day 6: Gift Ideas
Day 7: Holiday Craft/DIY
Day 8: Least Favorite Thing About the Holidays
Day 9: Favorite Holiday Recipe
Day 10: Favorite Christmas Songs/Caroles
Day 11: New Year Resolutions
Day 12: Show Us Your Decorations (Indoor and Outdoor)
Day 13: Favorite Cookie Recipe
Day 14: Oprah's Favorite Things: What item(s) would you want if you were in the audience?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanksgiving Thoughts

I have linked up at the little things we do this week for fill in the blank friday.

1. My Thanksgiving plans this year will include... eating at Matthew's grandparents' for lunch. His grandpa is the cook in the family. I don't always enjoy eating his food though. I'm getting very picky about the food I eat. I don't like most foods seasoned with salt. I don't add salt when I cook, and I definitely don't add it to anything that I don't prepare. Matthew's grandpa also cooks with a lot of grease. I'm not a fan of this either. Luckily, my mom is having our Thanksgiving meal at dinner time. So I will load up then! But the worst part of the day is that Matthew has to work all afternoon and into the evening.

2. My favorite Thanksgiving was... I don't remember a specific one that was my favorite. I do remember my least favorite. It was my freshman year of college. My papa had suffered a stroke that August right after I had moved away. He ended up passing away before Thanksgiving. I had become really depressed, to the point that I slept most days and had withdrawn from school. I couldn't face my parents. I wrote a letter to my dad to explain it all because every time I even thought about it I would cry. I felt like I had let my family down. My mom and sister weren't exactly pleasant that Thanksgiving. It was the worst holiday ever!

3. My signature Thanksgiving dish is... green bean casserole. I am always put in charge of this because we always forget it until the last minute and it's super easy. And it's one of my favorite things!

4. My favorite Thanksgiving food is... sweet potato souffle; green bean casserole; broccoli, rice, and cheese casserole; cranberry sauce; corn pudding; homemade dressing (or stuffing.. same thing); pumpkin pie; pecan pie.

5. Thanksgiving free association... laying around all day with nothing else to do (or at least not thinking about it) and nothing being on tv except for parades. blah!

6. Thanksgiving is... a free day off work! But really, it's always full of good food and good visits with family.

7. I am thankful for... Matthew loving me unconditionally (at least until I say I don't want to eat at a Chinese buffet); my parents for all they have ever done for me in the past and will do for me in the future; my sister for being my only true best friend; my grandma being alive to see me grow up; my education; my job; Miss Bambi and Cinnamon Raisin (I'm still convinced they understand every word I say and have accurately responded to all of my questions over the years. If only I understood barking!); my house; everything I have been blessed with throughout my life and for the blessings to come!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Holiday Hype!

I can't believe that it's almost December! But I really can't believe how people are bypassing Thanksgiving this year. I really enjoy every single holiday, mostly because I get a day off work for most of them! That's one thing I like about the federal government! But every year it seems like Christmas comes sooner than the year before. This year it is definitely noticeable! I am pretty sure I saw Christmas decorations out before Halloween! I am not saying I'm a huge supporter of Halloween and everything. I just think the time around the end of October is meant for enjoying the fall season more than Halloween itself. It's just a fun time of year! Everything seems to slow down just for a bit when it gets a little chilly outside.

I have seen at least two Christmas trees up. Fall decorations are already on clearance. And Christmas decorations are being highlighted in store ads. Why are we rushing towards the end of the year? I love Christmas. But I am not ready for Christmas yet. This year has already flown by! I've already been married more than five months! I want everything to slow down.. just a little bitty bit! I'm enjoying shopping for Christmas gifts and browsing for good deals. Just because you put the decorations up doesn't make the holiday come any faster. It just makes the holiday season last longer. But isn't 25 days of a holiday long enough? I personally have been dreaming of turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce for the last month. Maybe once that dream is fulfilled I can move on to dreaming about Christmas!

Monday, November 15, 2010

30 Days of Truth - Day 9

Someone I didn't want to let go, but just drifted...

Hmm... I would have to say my friends. I know there have been a lot of issues with them over the years, but I really did not want to let go of them. We have all drifted over the last couple of years. And I had to force myself to just let it all go. But I really struggled for months about my decision and following through with it. Now here we are. I don't remember the last time I spoke to any of them, let alone hung out with them. Sometimes I miss them. And sometimes I get really sad about it. But I know I made the right decision!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Wanna Know What We've Been Up To?

I haven't done a real post in a while it seems. So this is what we've been doing for the last few days!

My sister got married last Saturday, November 6th!!! I left work early the Thursday before so I could help her out with last minute things. We had the bridesmaids' luncheon that Friday. A couple of my mom's friends and one of her cousin's that is close to us hosted the luncheon at one of their homes. We had a delicious meal of warm chicken casserole, frozen fruit cups, broccoli salad, croissants, and vanilla wafer cake for dessert! They also had homemade cheese straws and hot apple cider for a little appetizer before the meal. It was all really, really good! And then we got our gifts! I got a beautiful necklace and earrings that were handmade by another of my mom's friends. Each of the four bridesmaids had different necklaces created just for them. We also got a cute reusable bag with birds (because that was the running theme of the wedding) and silver pashmina scarves!

Friday night was the rehearsal and dinner. The groom's family hosted a pig pickin at their home. I love pig! And it was so good! I wish I had eaten more of it because I'm sure it will be a while before I get some more. There was a huge tent setup with heaters so we could eat somewhere warm. There was also barbecued chicken, slaw, potoates, green beans, rolls, and red velvet cake! And there were two bonfires outside the tent where we roasted marshmallows! It was a lot of fun!

The day of the wedding seemed so much more stressful than my own wedding day! There was a large issue with the wedding cake. Yes, THE cake! It was the correct flavors, but wrong shape, wrong design, wrong everything else. There were two amazing women who helped to fix it up and make it more presentable so that the whole day would not be ruined. But other than that, the day was great! We had a great meal and a great time!

The day after the wedding, we all went to a cousin's house for a huge lunch with all of the family from out of town. It was nice to visit with everyone since we didn't get much time to talk to everyone at the wedding.

And since then, Matthew and I have been back at work all week. We were both off on Thursday. I was off because my work was closed, and Matthew had asked off so we could have a day together! So nice of him, huh? We actually went to the mall to walk around and just look. And we had a nice lunch at Olive Garden. I can't remember the last time we went and sat down at a restaurant, especially at lunch! But it was sooooooooo good!

The only exciting thing to happen was me getting in a wreck after work Friday. I don't get off until 6 on Fridays, so by then it is dark outside. It takes me about 10 minutes to get home. But not Friday. I was not even two miles from work when I got t-boned. I was going straight through a green light. Yes, I made it past the light. Then I saw a truck coming straight across the road, leaving one parking lot headed across a five-lane road to another parking lot. I swerved to the right lane to try and avoid him, but he just kept on coming. I was going 45-50 mph, but the other driver couldn't have been going more than 10 if it was even that fast. My seat jolted up and forward and my door was completely crushed in. I had to crawl out over the middle console. He never denied that it was his fault. In fact, he said he never saw me at all, not even when he hit me. After waiting for 30 minutes for the police to arrive, it took a while to relay all of the details to him. And then it took forever to get a tow truck there. But that's when the two truck driver said he had to have cash up front, that he did not wait for the insurance to pay him. So my dad chose to call AAA and wait however long was necessary in order to get the free tow. I finally made it home after 8:30!

Luckily, my mom's old car has been for sale, so I am not without a car! I am a bit sore today. My left leg has been hurting since late last night, but I'm not sure if it's from the accident. Today my right ankle began to hurt as well. The longer I walked around, the worse they felt. I really hope nothing is wrong. Matthew is really pushing me to get checked out just in case. My poor car will probably be in the shop for a month! I am going to miss it! But I am very thankful that God protected me and spared my life! The accident could have been so much worse.

This is my funny story about Friday evening. So we had a cookout at work Wednesday for customer appreciation and there were a ton of brownies leftover. We had been passing them out to customers since then. We knew they wouldn't be much good after the weekend, so my coworker and I divided them between the two of us to carry home. I ended up with four I think. I knew I was going home to eat dinner so I kept telling myself to save them even though I was so hungry. Well, I ended up eating all of them. But after I got in the accident, I was so glad that I ate those brownies because clearly I didn't make it home to eat right after work. I didn't know the accident was going to happen, but God did. And I am not saying that God told me to eat brownies. But I am not one who eats a lot of sweets or junk food... ever. I'm a meal-eating kind of girl! God knew I would get in that accident. He knows all things. And He was looking out for me... with the help of leftover brownies!

Friday, November 12, 2010

An Ornament Swap!

So I came across The Luckiest in Love earlier today via Newlywed and Decorating and it turns out she's having an ornament swap! I think that's so cool! I definitely signed up so why don't you?


Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Day Off!

I love holidays and days off work! But I don't love that my eye has decided to itch and swell just like it did a few short weeks ago. Since the last incident, I have not bought any mascara so I have not used any mascara. Yes, I have looked terrible. But I was being safe! Well for my sister's wedding on Saturday, I let another girl do my eye makeup and I used Almay mascara (as recommended by my dermatologist). Well that was a fail obviously, because as of yesterday my eye started to itch and it quickly spread to my entire face. My right eye is getting puffy but it's not swollen shut... yet. What a great way to spend my day off huh? I sure hope it is better before tomorrow. I can't be missing any days of work!

Monday, November 8, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 29

If I had three wishes, I would wish...

...that my life would be better than I have imagined.
...that Matthew and I will be in a better place spiritually, financially, all the -ly's.
...that my grandmother lives to see my children born and my parents live long enough to see my children grow up.

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 28

Something that stresses me out would be budgeting our personal finances and school.

I cannot wait for school to be done, and I will be half as stressed as usual.

I cannot wait to have our financed purchases to be paid off and to have jobs that pay more than is necessary to live.

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 27

I have had a few pets over my years. They have all been traditional pets, nothing weird like lizards or snakes.

I remember getting fish when I was in elementary school. It took me a while to convince my mom that I would feed them and take care of them. I had a few, but all but 2 died. I had a beta fish named Ariel (ya know.. The Little Mermaid!) and a goldfish named Sebastian! They lived for at least three or four years and even moved houses with us!

I had a few hermit crabs, but one outlived the others. His name was Met because I played softball for the Mets. He lived for three years. My mom never let me get another hermit crab.

I got my miniature black and tan dachshund Miss Bambi when I was 8 (almost 9). She was so small and cute and I just loved her and I still do! She was so little she fit under the lip of the kitchen cabinets. My best friend Evan slammed her tail in the backdoor the first week we had her. She still has a crooked tail! Bambi is super smart and loves to play tug of war. Although these days she doesn't get many spurts of energy. She has a lot of back problems and is getting kind of snippy in her old age. She's been put on a special diet, but she still constantly begs for all kinds of food. On February 27, she will be 14 years old!

When I was a freshman in college, I had about 4 goldfish and 2 beta fish in my dorm room. I cannot remember all of their names, but I do remember a Blueberry and Razberry (yes with a Z). I went to Florida for a few days and left them in care of my sister. They were either dead by the time I returned or they died shortly thereafter.

Matthew and I got a fish shortly after we began dating. It was a beta fish named Waldo. We gave up on that thing though. And it's still living! Matthew's sister cares for it though since it is still at his parents' house.

In February of 2009, Matthew and I got Cinnamon Raisin! She was so small and fluffy and shy. She hid from us under the rocking chair until she finally came to me. Cinnamon is a border collie mixed with a miniature Australian shepherd (known as a Baussie, pronounced bossy, which she is). She weighs about 30 pounds, but she looks a lot bigger because of her fur. She is a beautiful red merle with a full white collar and the bluest eyes you've ever seen! She has raisins (freckles) on her nose. The only dislike is that she is too smart for her own good. This also is why she is in trouble most of the time.

I one day hope to have more dachshunds and another Baussie as well as a few labs!

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 26

Here is a picture of my new family...

Jeff (brother-in-law), Shannon (sister), Mike (dad), Judy (mom), Morgan, and Matthew

And here is a picture of Matthew's family...
Morgan (sister-in-law), Scott & Donna (in-laws), Morgan, Matthew, Alice and Aaron (Matthew's grandparents)

Christmas Cards


I have been debating whether or not to send Christmas cards out this year. I feel like we should send them out since it is our first Christmas together as husband and wife. And since I have everyone's addresses left from the wedding list, I really have no excuse! I think it is a great tradition to start!

I found out that Shutterfly is offering bloggers 50 free Christmas cards just for blogging about their Christmas cards! Sign me up!! This is definitely a great deal for anyone who blogs! Here are a few of my favorites:

30 Days of Truth - Day 8

Someone who made your life hell, or treated you like crap...

Well I wouldn't say they've made my whole life hell but they have treated me like crap on several occasions. It's also not one individual but several, so I will refrain from using names.

For as long as I can remember, I was never the popular kid in school. I wasn't necessarily an outcast either. I could float from click to click and be spoken to by all. I went to private school from first grade through twelfth grade. So I saw most of the same people for my entire school experience.

There were less than 15 girls in my class. Some were the dorky girls and some were the popular girls. Some were the good girls and some were the girls with boys oohing and ahhing over them constantly. Some were the sporty girls and some were the smart girls. Some were a perfect combination of smart, popular, good, and athletic. I was just awkward. I got glasses in sixth grade. I got braces the next year. I switched to contacts not long after. My mom would buy me ugly clothes because I was too tall and too fat for the girls' and juniors' clothing, but I was too short for the womens' clothing. And I wasn't fat, I just carried my weight well because of my height. And I actually had a normal sized butt and thighs. I was not skin and bones like all of the other girls. I did not wear makeup until twelfth grade because I didn't care about trying. I was not a girly girl. And I'm still not.

Anyway, over the years I felt as though I was left out a majority of the time by my friends. I was never outgoing. And I've always felt like people were talking about me behind my back. I didn't get invited to a lot of birthday parties. I didn't get invited to a lot of sleepovers. I didn't get asked out on any dates. I didn't have friends to hang out with on the weekends or after school. I rarely had friends go on vacations with me, and when they did some argument always came up between us. I didn't go to any Debuette dances until my senior presentation. So I missed out on 7 dances. This is because every boy I asked said no. I went to prom my senior year, but took my friend's cousin since nobody at school would go with me.

So it wasn't necessarily that people were flat out mean to me in the traditional ways of making fun of me or saying hateful things to me. It was more that I was just left out. And when you're in a class of less than 30 people that you've known most all of your life, it hurts to get left out. Since high school, things have only gotten worse. The people I was closest to have removed themselves even more from my life. And I have struggled to let go of those friendships. After my wedding, I had finally let go. Although I still get upset when I see all of the fun things they are doing together plastered all over facebook.

But it's okay. I've moved on.

30 Days of Truth - Day 7

Someone who has made my life worth living for...

I would have to say my whole family. They have always been there for me through everything. They've cheered me on through several seasons of basketball and soccer. They were at my Debuette presentation, homecoming, two junior senior banquets, and high school graduation. They were there when my grandma died and two years later when my papa died. They were there when my friends couldn't (or wouldn't) spend the night. They were there for all the birthdays, all the sick days, and all the sad days. They were there for all the good days and for all the great days. I can't imagine life without them!

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 25

I have an ipod. But I have no idea where it is. I bought it when I was a senior in high school. It was great! I always had it with me and would listen to it in my car. Well when I got my new car a couple of years ago, it lacked one thing: a plug for my ipod! So since then, I have not seen my ipod. Is it bad that I want a new car just for that plug?

So I was cleaning out a couple of drawers tonight and I found my ipod!!! I don't even remember a couple of these songs. But it definitely shows the range of music on this thing!
1. "Sexy Love" - NeYo
2. "Kingdom Come" - Coldplay
3. "Carrying Your Love With Me" - George Strait
4. "Jesus Freak" - DC Talk
5. "Aeroplane" - Red Hot Chili Peppers
6. "Holy Moment" - Liberty University campus praise band
7. "First Date" - Blink 182
8. "Ten" - Jimmy Eat World
9. "St. Patrick's Day" - John Mayer
10. "Jesus of Suburbia" - Green Day

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 24

Something I've learned in my 22 years would be... friends forever doesn't really always mean that. does not grow on trees, but I sure wish it did!
...I don't know why I wanted to grow up so fast. Being a kid was too great! was better before we had to read chapter books and do homework on weekends.
...your sister will eventually be your best friend, despite the age difference (of 13 years in my case!) and how much she hated you your whole life.'s not easy living in the real world. Bills are no fun, and they always have a way of surprising you!
...high school is not the best time of your life. It definitely gets better!

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 23

My favorite vacation would have to be...


I love to travel! It's so exciting to see new places, eat different foods, and just to get away for a little while!

I haven't been to a lot of places, but I'll list the states out. I hope to visit all 50!
Vermont - all of these in orange were visited during our honeymoon
New Hampshire
Rhode Island
New Jersey
New York - high school senior trip
Virginia - several trips to Williamsburg and Busch Gardens
North Carolina (Obviously! I do live here!) - tons of beach trips and mountain trips and everything in between!
South Carolina - Myrtle Beach a billion times and Charleston a few times
Georgia - Atlanta and Savannah on several occasions
Florida - Disneyworld when I was 6, 12, and 18! Apparently I went every 6 years!
Mississippi - Gulfport for a Katrina relief trip that went through all of these other states in blue
Tennessee - several trips to visit friends over the years and a few mountain trips
Montana - All of these in green were during a two week trip to Wyoming, which involved a road trip to and from Salt Lake City since it's cheaper to fly there!

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 22

I have three favorite cities: Atlanta, GA; Savannah, GA; and Charleston, SC!

All fantastically southern and I just love them!

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 21

Want to hear something sad?

I cannot find a single picture of just me. Ever. Well ever in the history of pictures being loaded on Matthew's computer. I need to fix that!

Monday, November 1, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 20

I have a few nicknames:

Morgiepoo, Morg, Morgs, Morgie, Nagrom, Ladybug

I guess that's about it.

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 19

I miss my senior year of high school. I would have to say that was one of the best years of my life. I miss having basketball practice and games four days a week. I miss people calling and texting me all the time to make plans, to actually go places and do things. I do not however miss all of the drama that came with it.

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 18

Something I regret would be not having a typical college experience. I really wonder sometimes what college is really like and why did I choose to miss out on it. And then I think, did I really miss anything? But I think it would be nice to have been in a sorority or been a diehard fan of a school team.

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 17

I am looking forward to my sister's wedding on Saturday!!!

This wedding has been a long awaited occasion, and I could not be more excited for her! I can't wait to see how beautiful she is going to be. I'm pretty sure I'm going to cry. Tears are welling up in my eyes as I type this! And I can't wait for her to have a baby! We're all praying that's not too far after the wedding!

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 16

My dream house would...

...have at least 6 bedrooms, because I want 5 kids and I think everyone should have their own room. located on several acres of farmland with cows roaming the fields! near the city, but far enough away to be quiet and peaceful. a southern plantation style: white, big porches wrapping around each level, black shutters, with a tree lined drive (like in Forrest Gump!).
...have several old outbuildings scattered across the acreage so that my pets could roam free and my children could let their imaginations take them away!
...ideally be in Georgia, but I'd settle for North Carolina. within an hour's drive of a huge lake, and no more than five hours from the beach and the mountains.
...have a huge kitchen with tons of counterspace for baking!
...have a pool in the backyard for those hot and humid summer days.

But mostly my dream house would be wherever my family was.

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 15

My favorite Bible verse would have to be Ephesians 2:8-9, "For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith - and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God - not by works, so that no one can boast."

I'm not sure why this is my favorite verse. I grew up going to Awanas every Wednesday night, and of course as soon as I finished one book I went to the next and to the next. Then I started back at the beginning with the books for the Sparks since Awanas wasn't around when I was that young. I truly memorized a lot of those verses and not just remembered them long enough to recite them. But for some reason this verse is the one that I remember the most!

Monday, October 25, 2010

30 Days of Truth - Day 6

Something I hope I never have to do...

I hope I never have to bury a child. And I know this is terrible, but I just don't think I could ever take care of a child with a lifelong illness. I know that if it was God's will for my life and for their life, then He would give me the strength. And I know that He gives you the responsibility that He knows you can handle. It just breaks my heart to see children suffering. Although God knows how I would handle the situation, I have to admit that I don't think I would be okay.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 14

These are the kids that were in our wedding! I love this picture! They are just so stinkin cute!

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 13

I don't have a list of goals written down anywhere, but I guess I keep a rolling list of goals in my head.

These would be goals for the next five years:

Graduate from college (both of them)
Find a job in the career I want
Build up an emergency fund
Pay off all debt (except the mortgage)
Find at least one friend that really has common interests with me
Have a child or two
Be a better housewife (cleaning and cooking on a routine basis)
Lose weight and be healthier

Friday, October 22, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 12

I believe that...

...the best years of my life have yet to come!
...I am more mature than most people my age.
...I have finally found the career that interests me most (I just have to finish school first!)
...I have the best husband in the world!
...despite our differences, my family is quite functional compared to most. my lifetime, I will see the US decline as a top world power.
...God is the Father and Jesus is the Son! And Jesus has died and risen again! By grace we are saved!
...Cinnamon is the smartest dog I've ever met. Well, her and Bambi are tied for first!
...this whole story about the resources of the earth running out is a bunch of poo!
...Jesus is coming back sooner than you think!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 11

After you read this list of television shows that I watch on a regular basis, you will probably think that all I do is watch tv. And you will wonder how I get anything else done in life. Truth is, I'm a multitasker and tv (although distracting) motivates me to sit down and do my homework.

Criminal Minds
CSI (all of them)
Man vs. Food
Ice Road Truckers
American Pickers
Pawn Stars
Teen Mom
King of Queens
The Office
Big Bang Theory
How I Met Your Mother
Two and a Half Men
HGTV (there are few shows on this channel that I won't watch)
The Real Housewives (all but Atlanta)
Mike and Molly

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 10

I am afraid of heights... at an angle.
And that is how high we were sitting on Saturday. It was awful.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 9

I have decided to post pictures of friends from over the years.
New York!
Junior Senior Banquet!
Freshman year of college!
Liberty football game - Sophomore year!
Whoa! My hair was way curly!
Visiting Lauren and a trip to Philly!
Me with my cousin Amber!
Me and Mollie!

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 8

I have been on two great trips in my lifetime. One was the honeymoon, which I've already talked about. So I will show you pictures of my trip to Wyoming a couple years back!

The Grand Tetons in Jackson Hole
A quick trip into Montana!
I so wish I was this size still!

A ram
We got a lot closer than this, but he tried to charge the car behind us.
Necessary for the the 15 feet of snow!
This reminds me of A River Runs Through It

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 6

A picture that makes me happy would be this one...

Monday, October 18, 2010

New Beginnings!

This weekend was the beginning of a couple of things.

We went to Dave Ramsey Saturday at the RBC Center. And we had a great time! Well we had a great time after we actually got inside. Traffic was terrible as the state fair is right across the street. We sat in traffic for an hour and were within viewing distance of the RBC Center the entire time! And apparently we made some kind of illegal move and were told to exit the property immediately. We went around some cones to get in. Yet the people at that entrance directed us down to the parking making no comment that we had done nothing wrong. Yet the two people at the parking section were rude and could not even answer my question about whether we would be allowed back on the property. That was an adventure. But we were not the only people to arrive late, so it was okay! And the next four hours flew by because we were actually having fun learning!

So after the show, we bought the home study kit to go through the 13-week class. We did the first lesson last night. It was eye-opening! The lesson lasted about 60 minutes, and we filled in the workbook answers while we listened. Afterwards we did our homework assignment which is to do a quickie budget of the four necessities: house, utilities, transportation, and food. We realized how much difference there was between our necessity bills and how much we are actually spending each month. And we have officially started on baby step 1 which is to save $1,000 in an emergency fund! I am so excited to have started this step! I don't even know the last time I had a decent amount in savings.

And to see Matthew's excitement over all of this has amazed me! I am so proud! I think I even shed a tear or two.. tears of joy of course. This is our beginning to live like no one else. The numbers don't lie and this is the motivation we needed!

The second thing is that my Solo Slim arrived this morning! And so today is the first day. I can already tell that my appetite is not as ravenous, for the lack of a more descriptive word! I didn't even finish my whole 6" sub for lunch! I am very optimistic about the next few weeks and to see the results! I haven't had any jittery feelings or heart racing. I haven't felt nervous or had any changes in temperature. And I have not felt nauseous. This may be the easiest diet ever!

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 7

You will probably notice a theme in my favorite movies.

My most loved movie of all time and for the rest of time is Forrest Gump! I love how it contains historical events, comedy, and drama. I just love it! Oh, and Tom Hanks!

I also love The Green Mile! It is a really touching movie in an unexpected way. And Tom Hanks is of course in this as well!

And Fried Green Tomatoes rounds it out! It's fantastically southern. It's back in the old days, the better days. It's in a small town. It's just fantastic!

Anyone see the theme? I kind of gave it away there at the end!

30 Days of Truth - Day 5

Something I hope I do in my life is... Well, there are so many things so I will make a list!

1. I hope that I have children. I want a few, at least 5. Most people love babies. I prefer children. I think that kids have the best personalities! I love all of their witty, little comments! They are just fun to be around! Now obviously the child must be a baby first, and that is fine. But I am just super excited for when they are slightly independent and full of life!

2. I hope that I can travel, domestically and internationally. I have a ton of trip ideas floating around in my head! I want to do a roadtrip on Route 66, the west coast, the midwest, the perimeter states, etc. I want to go on several cruises (Alaskan, Caribbean, European). I want to visit every state. I want to visit England, France, Greece, Italy, Spain, Germany, Scotland, Ireland, Czech Republic, and the list goes on. I have also always wanted to visit Russia, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, and anywhere else I can find.

3. I hope that I can work from home once I have children. I grew up with a mom that worked full-time outside of the house. And I never thought anything bad of it. I think it's great to have a mom that works full-time. And I want to work full-time. But I just want to be there when they get home from school. I want to be at home in case they are sick. I want to be able to bake cookies and cook dinner every day. I want to be there to experience life with them.

4. I hope that I can teach my children everything they need to know. I want to be able to have enough money to pay for the things they want to experience (camps, sports, travels). But I want them to be creative and find ways of doing things the non-traditional route.

5. I hope that I can live reasonably, moderately, and with an abundance of joy and peace.

Friday, October 15, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 5

I have one sister. She's actually my half-sister. We have the same mom but different dads. She turned 13 the day after I was born. I'm sure you can imagine how the rest of this goes! She was the cool teenager. I was the pesky little kid. She started college the same day I started kindergarten.

I have always felt it was my job to make her feel as old as possible. Now that I feel old, I try not to rub it in as much.

It was also my job to tattle on her. She borrowed money from me a lot. And she would always say, "Now don't tell mom! I'm going to pay you back next week!" I love saving money, and I loved it even more when I was a child. So of course I'd give her long enough to leave the house before I would tell mom, "Shannon borrowed $10 from me! I want my money back, so you better make sure I get it!". My mom got mad about it every time. But as a six year old, I was rolling in money! I wish I had some of that back now.

Obviously, with their being a thirteen year age difference, we were never exactly best friends. She always picked on me telling me I was fat or I wasn't pretty. But I consider it's only fair since I ruined her teenage years! Now that I have gotten older, we are in the same stage of life. I just got married. She's getting married in November. We both have jobs. And we both have crappy friends. We've become closer over the last several years, but this last year and a half has probably been the best.

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 4

My parents have been married for 23 years. It is the second marriage for both of them. I was born not long after their first anniversary. And I've yet to figure out if I was planned or a whoops! Either way, I'm still here!

My Dad
I am his only child. My dad and I could be twins.. ya know, if only we'd be born at the same time! He is quiet and reserved, but when he feels strongly about something, he is quite outspoken. When I was little, you could find me laying in the recliner with my dad before bedtime watching Star Trek. He claims this is where I learned my math skills. My dad is terrible with grammar, spelling, and word choice. Our favorite words to pick on him about are bought and brought. He usually (99.9% of the time) uses the incorrect word in a sentence. We share the same sense of humor and can both be quite technical when it comes to details. My dad is one of my favorite people in the world!

My Mom
I am her second child. I'm pretty sure I am to blame for her always being so tired! She had me late in life, but I kept her on her toes between teeball, softball, basketball, soccer, girl scouts, dance, and the list goes on. She doesn't understand a thing about sports, but she was always there cheering me on. I was always mortified by this! Looking back now, I understand and appreciate it so much because a lot of other kids never had anyone cheering for them. Until about a year ago, I thought my mom just didn't like me. I would come home after school and there would be a list of chores waiting for me. This may be why I hate cleaning now! I began my rebellion at the age of 8. I didn't wear a dress or skirt for a few years, and I most certainly have not worn any bows since! But I don't purposely dress down anymore. I have made her life interesting!

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 3

I don't remember loving anyone other than Matthew. I have only dated a handful of people and not one of those relationships lasted longer than two months. I don't remember loving any of them. One had been a great friend of mine before we dated, but that whole relationship revealed a lot of truth about him and how he had been hiding who he really was for years. The others just seemed like friends.

And don't think that I dated all of those people back to back. This was spread out over a six year period. And at two months each, that's not even a year total. I thought I would never find a husband and who would want me? Obviously nobody else did.

At that time, I lived an hour away at school in an apartment by myself. I was lonely. I rarely heard from my friends, and I felt like nobody cared about me or even liked me. I remember praying, a lot, and asking God to please send me a friend, just one friend, just one person who had things in common with me and would like me for me. And out of nowhere, Matthew was brought into my life. Matthew has always said that he prayed for so long for God to bring him the woman he was to marry. It's so strange how it always comes together in God's hands!

So my first real love is Matthew. And I wouldn't change that for anything!

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 2

There isn't really a meaning behind the blog name. It's just my new last name! And I have officially changed my name one everything, except for 2 things. It's not fun changing your name. It's kind of a hassle. I can't believe it's not easier considering how many thousands, if not millions, of people change their names every year!

But I figured this would be the best name for our blog because it's about us and what we are doing. Simple enough.

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 1

My name is Morgan. I am 22 years old and got married in June! I work full-time and attend school full-time. I attend a community college studying medical transcription and a university studying international business. I am hoping to finish in May 2011! I have lived in North Carolina my entire life. I love to travel and cannot wait to go on another trip!

15 Interesting Facts
1. I have two hitch-hiker's thumbs and I prefer to stand with my knees bent backwards instead of the normal forwards. And by prefer, I mean I can't figure out how to stand the normal way.
2. I named my first dog Miss Bambi (insert last name) so that she would have the same initials as me!
3. I named my second dog Cinnamon Raisin because it was funny with my last name.
4. I love anything pumpkin or sweet potato!
5. If I eat something sweet, I have to eat something salty to counteract the sweetness. And vice versa. I like to have a balance of flavors.
6. My favorite time to drink chocolate milk is right before bed. And the spoon must be in the glass the entire time in case some chocolate were to settle at the bottom.
7. Despite me saying since I was 5 years old that I would never marry, I secretly wanted to be married by the time I was 23. I never expected it to actually happen though!
8. I love to decorate and anything relating to decorating such as HGTV!
9. I used to be a huge Duke Blue Devils basketball fan, but I've kind of lost that passion for basketball. Sometimes I wish I had it back.
10. I think it's weird that I a lot of the shows I enjoy watching are ones that involve people dying. (CSI, Criminal Minds, The First 48, etc.)
11. I can't use Dove body wash because the scent reminds me of my late grandmother.
12. I am an avid couponer, and I may have become too cheap!
13. My mom's macaroni and cheese is the best.. ever!
14. I really don't like feet or anything relating to them. If I can take my shoes off, I will.
15. I think an open field is the most beautiful thing ever. Especially if there's a cow or two thrown in there.

30 Day Blog Challenge

I found this fun 30 Day Blog Challenge over at Katie's Journey and thought it sounded fun! So I am joining in!

Day 1 - Introduce, Recent Picture, and 15 Interesting Facts
Day 2 - Meaning Behind Your Blog Name
Day 3 - Your First Love
Day 4 - Your Parents
Day 5 - Your Siblings
Day 6 - A Picture of Something That Makes You Happy
Day 7 - Favorite Movies
Day 8 - A Place You've Traveled To
Day 9 - A Picture of Your Friends
Day 10 - Something You're Afraid Of
Day 11 - Favorite TV Shows
Day 12 - What You Believe
Day 13 - Goals
Day 14 - A Picture You Love
Day 15 - Bible Verse
Day 16 - Dream House
Day 17 - Something You're Looking Forward To
Day 18 - Something You Regret
Day 19 - Something You Miss
Day 20 - Nicknames
Day 21 - Picture of Yourself
Day 22 - Favorite City
Day 23 - Favorite Vacation
Day 24 - Something You've Learned
Day 25 - Put Your Ipod on Shuffle, First 10 Songs
Day 26 - Picture of Your Family
Day 27 - Pets
Day 28 - Something That Stresses You Out
Day 29 - 3 Wishes
Day 30 - A Picture

I am obviously a few days behind, but I will catch up!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Finances.. Or the Lack Thereof!

I am so excited about this weekend! Dave Ramsey is speaking at the RBC Center! They had a few tickets on Groupon yesterday for half price, so of course I snagged a couple for us!

Matthew and I are both young. I work full-time. Matthew is considered part-time but usually gets about 35 hours a week. We make above minimum wage, but not much more. And we are paid hourly and not salary. I bought a house last year, which has been great now that we are married. At times, I feel that it is a lot more expensive than renting, but I honestly know that in the long run it will be cheaper than renting. I also attend school full-time through a community college and part-time through a university. I have a large amount of loans! My dad owns my car and therefore pays for the insurance and for the gas. Matthew's grandpa paid for his car when it was purchased. We recently added his car to our insurance policy to receive the discount on the home insurance, but his grandpa is giving us the money to cover the cost of the car insurance. This really saves us a lot of money by not having to cover these costs!

We are basically living paycheck to paycheck. And I can't stand it! I love to save money and have a budget that I can stick to. But it's hard to have a budget when your pay is not consistent and your expenses come quite close to making all of your money disappear. And every time we get ahead, something comes up and then we are back where we started. We have no savings, so there is no emergency fund. All of our extra money is spent on eating out and shopping. We have been fixing up our house, so a lot of money has been going to those final touches.

In our marriage, I am the one who handles the finances. Matthew likes to spend. I like to save. And sometimes I like to spend. I have control of the money. Matthew does not realize how much things cost and how high our expenses are compared to our income. I of course worry constantly.

I'm excited to hear Dave Ramsey speak! I really hope that we walk away from this being able to create a working budget (that actually works for us and not against us!). I hope that Matthew really understands how much money we have coming in and how much we have going out. I want him to realize that cooking at home vs. eating out (even the same meal) can save so much! I hope that we can sit down and talk about our finances without me getting stressed out and Matthew getting mad. I hope that we come to have a mutual understanding of where we are and where we could be!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Weight Update

As of today, I have lost 5 pounds total! I know that doesn't seem like a lot, but this is progress for me!

I need to start back on the 30 Day Shred. But I did go to Planet Fitness last night and workout with my cousin (also named Matthew)!

And I ordered Solo Slim! I have heard nothing but good things about it, so a co-worker of mine as well as my sister all went in on an order! I can't wait to start using it!

The Air Is Cool...

...And the days are getting shorter.

We have changed out the comforter on our bed for the cooler weather we've been having. There have been a few days that I have completely turned the AC off at home. Now, I like it being very cool in my house so if I turn the air off, that's a big deal! I am loving this weather! The last couple of days it has gone back into the 80's, but the 70's will be back tomorrow and last through the weekend!

But I do not like the days getting shorter. At all! When I get off work and head straight home, I usually take Cinnamon out and start dinner. By the time Matthew gets there and we eat, it's dark outside. And that makes me so sleepy! On days that I go to class after work, it's dark before I leave school. Talk about depressing! I feel like I've been robbed of a proper day! This morning I woke up to my bedroom being completely dark. I of course had to look outside and see what was going on. My first thoughts are always nuclear attack and then rain haha. Those are the only things that come to mind when I think of darkness. Weird, I know! Anyway, it was pitch black outside and it was cool and I just wanted to curl up in my bed. So I did.. but only for thirty more minutes.

I can deal with it being dark after work, but before? Puhlease let me have at least a few minutes of daylight!

Hot Dogs and Rice

On a scale of 1-10, how disgusting does that sound?

Yea, I'm thinking at least a 15!

About three or four weeks back, I made a 6 week long meal plan to use up things we already had at home. For last night, the menu said we were having hot dogs. I had hot dogs, but I did not have any buns for them. Matthew decided he wanted hot dogs and rice. I had never heard of such a thing and was grossed out by the idea of combining hot dogs and rice together. He explained that you cut up the hot dogs, fry them until slightly crispy, and combine with cooked rice and tomato sauce. Blah!

We both got home at the same time and I did not want to make that food. So Matthew cooked. And let me tell you that it was actually not that bad! I mean, I won't be begging him to cook hot dogs and rice. And I won't be craving it! But if Matthew wants it again one day, I could eat it and be satisfied.

So give it a try! Just don't tell anyone what it's called or what's in it!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Thank Goodness It's Over!

I could not be more happy that this was a 3 day weekend! Yay for Columbus Day and it being a federal holiday!

Remember how I said we were throwing a bridal shower for my sister and her fiance? Well we worked our little tails off all last week to get ready for this (hence the lack of posts!). Matthew's list was a mile long. Yes, I gave it to him 8 weeks ago. I specifically remember saying, "You have 8 weeks to finish this list!". And yes, he waited until about 2 weeks before to actually get started on said list. I don't even remember everything we did this week, but I will try my best to let you see how busy we were.

Monday: I was supposed to be at work at 8:30, and I got there at 9. I woke up when I should have been leaving for work. Bad start to the day! I did not take a lunch break, and I left at 3:30. I had a ton of reports to type at school, so I was there until about 6 p.m. I just remember rushing home, rushing to TJ Maxx and Ollie's, rushing back home, and eventually making it to bed.

Tuesday: I worked again all day. I don't remember much else. I am sure I was doing homework afterwards, but I honestly have no clue.

Wednesday: After work, my parents came over and helped hang all of the pictures around the house. That took a while but everything turned out great!

Thursday: I worked again. Shocker, huh? We cleaned a lot of stuff Thursday night. A whole lot.

Friday: After getting off work, I came home and ate some dinner so when Matthew got home we could get right to work. We also ran to Target for a few grocery deals! After that, I got online and found all the pictures I wanted to print for the empty frames and submitted my order to Walgreens. We went to bed at 2 a.m. Honest!

Saturday: I woke up at 7:30 and couldn't go back to sleep. Okay I dozed back off for another 45 minutes. Matthew went and dropped off our cleaning and picked up the photos while I got ready. Then we went to the pumpkin farm and picked out some beautiful pumpkins! We stopped at Rite Aid, Walmart, and CVS before heading back home. We started cleaning furiously again! Matthew left to drop Cinnamon at his parents', pick up the cleaning, and go to the other Walmart for something. I was already yawning and it was only 3 p.m. I then painted my pumpkins so they'd be super cute! Sometime around 4 p.m. I started panicking because my mom had yet to arrive and the shower was starting at 5 p.m. She made all of the food. There was reason to worry!

The shower was perfect! Everyone loved our house. There was no sign of junk or piles of stuff anywhere! It was all strategically placed in a single closet! I'm adding that to my To Do List. ha! We had a lot of fun and were glad that so many people could come! I hope everyone enjoyed the shower as much as we did, and I'm sure Shannon and Jeff would say thanks, too!

P.S. I'm never throwing another shower.
P.S.S. Unless I have a maid.

30 Days of Truth - Day 4

Something I have to forgive someone for is... I have to forgive Matthew for the past.

Before Matthew and I ever dated, Matthew did some things that I did not and do not agree with. I initially met Matthew when I was 16 and he was 18. I knew what kind of person he was and who his friends were, and I knew that I didn't like the things they did. When we met again, Matthew still participated in these activities. I was on a two week trip to Wyoming and as we began talking on the phone, I don't remember ever saying anything about the things he did. But by the time I came back from my trip, Matthew had stopped what he was doing. By his own will, he chose to stop! And I was impressed by him as a person for making that decision on his own and actually following through with it. But there have been a couple of hurdles since this time that have led to my need to forgive Matthew of his past.

Matthew was raised in a Christian home, but he had gotten in with the wrong crowd and had been negatively influenced since middle school. I am in no way saying that he did not have a choice, because I believe that he did. However, I do believe that the environment in which you live, work, and play makes a big impact as well! I went to a Christian school since first grade and had attended a church for preschool and kindergarten. My family did not go to church every Sunday or even on a regular basis. But I most definitely had the Word of God instilled in me, and I continue to carry it with me every day. I did not have to face the challenges of peer pressure to drink or do drugs. Those things did not exist in my world! And because of that, I cannot say that it is easy to say no. I have no idea how hard it would be to say no to a group of friends pressuring you to do those things.

Although Matthew has matured since then and become independent (for the most part) of his friends, I can't help but fear that he will have a lapse of judgement. And I often find myself worried about what he is doing when he is visiting friends. I so badly want to trust him more than 100%, but with those couple of hurdles sticking out in my mind, I am finding it very hard to believe everything he tells me. This is my husband and best friend. I never thought that I would have this problem! I have been lifting this up in prayer on a daily basis, if not several times a day. I really have to forgive Matthew for his past and trust that he is the changed man I know he is.