Monday, November 8, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 27

I have had a few pets over my years. They have all been traditional pets, nothing weird like lizards or snakes.

I remember getting fish when I was in elementary school. It took me a while to convince my mom that I would feed them and take care of them. I had a few, but all but 2 died. I had a beta fish named Ariel (ya know.. The Little Mermaid!) and a goldfish named Sebastian! They lived for at least three or four years and even moved houses with us!

I had a few hermit crabs, but one outlived the others. His name was Met because I played softball for the Mets. He lived for three years. My mom never let me get another hermit crab.

I got my miniature black and tan dachshund Miss Bambi when I was 8 (almost 9). She was so small and cute and I just loved her and I still do! She was so little she fit under the lip of the kitchen cabinets. My best friend Evan slammed her tail in the backdoor the first week we had her. She still has a crooked tail! Bambi is super smart and loves to play tug of war. Although these days she doesn't get many spurts of energy. She has a lot of back problems and is getting kind of snippy in her old age. She's been put on a special diet, but she still constantly begs for all kinds of food. On February 27, she will be 14 years old!

When I was a freshman in college, I had about 4 goldfish and 2 beta fish in my dorm room. I cannot remember all of their names, but I do remember a Blueberry and Razberry (yes with a Z). I went to Florida for a few days and left them in care of my sister. They were either dead by the time I returned or they died shortly thereafter.

Matthew and I got a fish shortly after we began dating. It was a beta fish named Waldo. We gave up on that thing though. And it's still living! Matthew's sister cares for it though since it is still at his parents' house.

In February of 2009, Matthew and I got Cinnamon Raisin! She was so small and fluffy and shy. She hid from us under the rocking chair until she finally came to me. Cinnamon is a border collie mixed with a miniature Australian shepherd (known as a Baussie, pronounced bossy, which she is). She weighs about 30 pounds, but she looks a lot bigger because of her fur. She is a beautiful red merle with a full white collar and the bluest eyes you've ever seen! She has raisins (freckles) on her nose. The only dislike is that she is too smart for her own good. This also is why she is in trouble most of the time.

I one day hope to have more dachshunds and another Baussie as well as a few labs!

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