Saturday, November 13, 2010

Wanna Know What We've Been Up To?

I haven't done a real post in a while it seems. So this is what we've been doing for the last few days!

My sister got married last Saturday, November 6th!!! I left work early the Thursday before so I could help her out with last minute things. We had the bridesmaids' luncheon that Friday. A couple of my mom's friends and one of her cousin's that is close to us hosted the luncheon at one of their homes. We had a delicious meal of warm chicken casserole, frozen fruit cups, broccoli salad, croissants, and vanilla wafer cake for dessert! They also had homemade cheese straws and hot apple cider for a little appetizer before the meal. It was all really, really good! And then we got our gifts! I got a beautiful necklace and earrings that were handmade by another of my mom's friends. Each of the four bridesmaids had different necklaces created just for them. We also got a cute reusable bag with birds (because that was the running theme of the wedding) and silver pashmina scarves!

Friday night was the rehearsal and dinner. The groom's family hosted a pig pickin at their home. I love pig! And it was so good! I wish I had eaten more of it because I'm sure it will be a while before I get some more. There was a huge tent setup with heaters so we could eat somewhere warm. There was also barbecued chicken, slaw, potoates, green beans, rolls, and red velvet cake! And there were two bonfires outside the tent where we roasted marshmallows! It was a lot of fun!

The day of the wedding seemed so much more stressful than my own wedding day! There was a large issue with the wedding cake. Yes, THE cake! It was the correct flavors, but wrong shape, wrong design, wrong everything else. There were two amazing women who helped to fix it up and make it more presentable so that the whole day would not be ruined. But other than that, the day was great! We had a great meal and a great time!

The day after the wedding, we all went to a cousin's house for a huge lunch with all of the family from out of town. It was nice to visit with everyone since we didn't get much time to talk to everyone at the wedding.

And since then, Matthew and I have been back at work all week. We were both off on Thursday. I was off because my work was closed, and Matthew had asked off so we could have a day together! So nice of him, huh? We actually went to the mall to walk around and just look. And we had a nice lunch at Olive Garden. I can't remember the last time we went and sat down at a restaurant, especially at lunch! But it was sooooooooo good!

The only exciting thing to happen was me getting in a wreck after work Friday. I don't get off until 6 on Fridays, so by then it is dark outside. It takes me about 10 minutes to get home. But not Friday. I was not even two miles from work when I got t-boned. I was going straight through a green light. Yes, I made it past the light. Then I saw a truck coming straight across the road, leaving one parking lot headed across a five-lane road to another parking lot. I swerved to the right lane to try and avoid him, but he just kept on coming. I was going 45-50 mph, but the other driver couldn't have been going more than 10 if it was even that fast. My seat jolted up and forward and my door was completely crushed in. I had to crawl out over the middle console. He never denied that it was his fault. In fact, he said he never saw me at all, not even when he hit me. After waiting for 30 minutes for the police to arrive, it took a while to relay all of the details to him. And then it took forever to get a tow truck there. But that's when the two truck driver said he had to have cash up front, that he did not wait for the insurance to pay him. So my dad chose to call AAA and wait however long was necessary in order to get the free tow. I finally made it home after 8:30!

Luckily, my mom's old car has been for sale, so I am not without a car! I am a bit sore today. My left leg has been hurting since late last night, but I'm not sure if it's from the accident. Today my right ankle began to hurt as well. The longer I walked around, the worse they felt. I really hope nothing is wrong. Matthew is really pushing me to get checked out just in case. My poor car will probably be in the shop for a month! I am going to miss it! But I am very thankful that God protected me and spared my life! The accident could have been so much worse.

This is my funny story about Friday evening. So we had a cookout at work Wednesday for customer appreciation and there were a ton of brownies leftover. We had been passing them out to customers since then. We knew they wouldn't be much good after the weekend, so my coworker and I divided them between the two of us to carry home. I ended up with four I think. I knew I was going home to eat dinner so I kept telling myself to save them even though I was so hungry. Well, I ended up eating all of them. But after I got in the accident, I was so glad that I ate those brownies because clearly I didn't make it home to eat right after work. I didn't know the accident was going to happen, but God did. And I am not saying that God told me to eat brownies. But I am not one who eats a lot of sweets or junk food... ever. I'm a meal-eating kind of girl! God knew I would get in that accident. He knows all things. And He was looking out for me... with the help of leftover brownies!

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