Monday, November 1, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 16

My dream house would...

...have at least 6 bedrooms, because I want 5 kids and I think everyone should have their own room. located on several acres of farmland with cows roaming the fields! near the city, but far enough away to be quiet and peaceful. a southern plantation style: white, big porches wrapping around each level, black shutters, with a tree lined drive (like in Forrest Gump!).
...have several old outbuildings scattered across the acreage so that my pets could roam free and my children could let their imaginations take them away!
...ideally be in Georgia, but I'd settle for North Carolina. within an hour's drive of a huge lake, and no more than five hours from the beach and the mountains.
...have a huge kitchen with tons of counterspace for baking!
...have a pool in the backyard for those hot and humid summer days.

But mostly my dream house would be wherever my family was.

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