Monday, May 23, 2011

It's Official!

I just couldn't hold it in any longer! I got into the respiratory therapy program at school and will start mid-August! I will be leaving my job a couple of weeks prior to that so that I can have a little break to have some time for myself and whatever I want to do. I am so excited about starting the program! And now for how it went down...

Saturday, May 14: I was resting and just hanging out around the house, watching some tv, and catching up on my naps. Matthew checked the mail at some point in the afternoon.

I opened up the envelope from school and cried for about an hour straight. Then there were scattered sobs throughout the rest of the day (yes those are like scattered thunderstorms, but with tears and snorts instead of rain and lightning).

The letter said I was on the waiting list. Only 15 people are accepted per year in the respiratory program. Since I had already found out I was waitlisted for nursing, this just made me have to rethink the next two years of my life.

Wednesday, May 18: Since I had already re-planned the next two years of my life (yea, I re-planned 2 years in only 4 days), I wasn't dwelling on getting into one of the programs. I actually had somewhat gotten over it. There is no point in being depressed about it forever. I knew the odds weren't great considering how many people were applying.

Anyway, I came home that day to  meet my sister so we could go visit my grandma. My sister needed to use the bathroom when she got here, so I took Cinnamon outside and checked the mail. There was a big envelope from the school. I saw the name written on the top and immediately knew it was from the respiratory program.

As soon as I got inside, I ripped the envelope open. I read the words "Congratulations!" and that was it. I screamed and jumped ten feet in the air! My sister came running out of the bedroom. Cinnamon started jumping. Shannon started jumping. We all started jumping and screaming (well Cinnamon was barking)! And I may have expressed some other sentiments of joy that I cannot share here! It was so exciting! My hands were shaking as I tried to read the rest of the letter. It was like I forgot how to read! I skimmed the rest of the letter and we got ready to leave. I finally read the letter late that night before I went to bed.

I gave my notice today and my last day will be August 5. I am looking forward to that two weeks in between work ending and school starting to do some things I want to do!

May 22 Shopping Trip!

Harris Teeter
(2) Newman's Salsa 16 oz. $2 each
          (2) $.50/1 = $.50 each
(2) Raisinets 11 oz. $2.50 each
          (1) $.50/2 = $3.50, or $1.75 each
(1) Margaret Holmes Tomato and Okra $1.29
          (1) $.35/1 = $.24
(4) Ortega Taco Seasoning $.99 each
          (2) $.50/2 = $.24 each
(1) White House Apple Juice $1.77
(1) Chicken of the Sea Tuna Cups $1.50
          (1) $.25/1 = $.75
(1) Texas Toast Croutons $2.19
          (1) $.50/1 = $.69
(1) Biltmore Salad Dressing $1.99
          (1) $.75/1 = Free!
(1) Ore Ida Sweet Potato Fries $3.69
          (1) Free coupon
(1) Luigi's Italian Ice $1.74
          (1) $.50/1 = $.24
(1) Magnum's Dark Chocolate Bars $3
          (1) $1/1 = $2
(2) Farm Rich Cheese Sticks 10 oz. $3.75 each
          (2) $.75/1 = $1.50 each
(1) Country Crock 45 oz. $2.14
          (1) $.50/1 = $.64
(3) Lunchables $1 each
(1) Ball Park Franks $2.49
          (1) $.75/1 = $.24
(2) Harris Teeter 10 oz. lunchmeat $2 each
$10/$50 Harris Teeter purchase
Total: $12.70
Savings: $59.88

Food Lion
(1) Nature's Own Wheat Bread $2.99
(1) Merita Lite Hot Dog Buns $1.50
(1) Green Leaf Lettuce $1.29
(1) Red Seedless Grapes 2.21 lbs. $2.19
(1) Bananas 1.79 lbs. $1.22
(4) Gala Apples $1.83
Total: $11.24
Savings: $5.28

Lowe's Foods
(1) Angel Soft $3.99
(2) Starbucks Coffee $2.49 each
          (2) $.75/1 = $.99 each
(2) Strawberries $1.99 each
(2) Cheese Nips $1 each
(1) Gwaltney Bologna $1.50
Total: $14.01
Savings: $15.29

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Grandma Update

I've been meaning to let you all know that my grandma has been moved to the rehabilitation facility. She was moved on Tuesday. She definitely doesn't love it there, but she doesn't really have a choice. The therapist comes every morning to work on her swallowing and walking. Her walking hasn't been that great the last few years anyway. She is 89 after all. Her room is really big and the facility seems to be nice. She's had a couple of problems with her feeding tube since arriving there, but otherwise she has been getting back to being herself.

Everyone had given her flowers for her birthday/getting well. All of her nurses love the flowers. I think they help my grandma feel like she's at home. She always sits in her sunroom and looks into her beautiful yard that's full of every flower you can think of! She's been sitting in the recliner by the window in her room and working her crossword and wordsearch puzzles. Maybe this small bit of normal will help motivate her to work hard to get well.

Please keep praying for her over the next few weeks! We're not sure exactly how long she will be there. I think I've heard anywhere from four to six weeks, but I guess that all depends on her working hard.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Last Semester!!!

It's a great feeling to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and the light is so bright! This is officially my last semester in the medical transcription program! I feel extremely motivated and excited about these last few classes. There are no more transcription reports to type, and for that I am extremely thankful! I understand that's the point of this degree, but those reports can be extremely tiring! So I'm looking forward to this summer semester and maybe having time to do more social things (not that I'm all that social haha). At least there will be more time to rest, and we all know how much I like resting!

Most of my classes seem interesting, all but the coding classes (coding is just not my thing). I'm taking drug therapy and medical legal issues, which I may be most excited about. I love all things legal. I once took a business law class and it was my absolute favorite class ever! I had the biggest book ever for that class, but it didn't matter. I would read that book for fun! And I'm taking the second part of anatomy and physiology, which I'm also kind of pumped about considering I got a B this last semester in the first part (they say the first part is the hardest).

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Well There's Good News,

Perhaps even GREAT news! But I can't tell you just yet. In fact, it will probably be a couple months before I can tell you. Just know that I am extremely excited! I jumped at least 10 feet in the air (maybe even a few times). And I could barely sleep I was so excited. Matthew thinks it's just wonderful. Life is working itself out after all!

Monday, May 16, 2011

I Know I've Been Missing...

There has just been a lot going on these last few weeks.

Last weekend was my 23rd birthday!!! And then it was my sister's birthday the next day (I won't be mean and tell her age like I usually do), which was also Mother's Day, and that just so happens to be the same day my grandma had a stroke and was taken to the hospital. So to say last weekend was busy would be an understatement. But everything worked out and we just made do the best we could.

My grandma is still in the hospital, so it's been a week and one day so far. The plans are for her to be transferred to a rehabilitation facility in the next day or so, but every time we hear a date, it gets pushed back again. The doctors actually think she had been having a series of mini-strokes over the couple of weeks preceding. She is alert and very much herself. The main thing affected was her swallowing, which is at 40%. We were told that 50% is considered safe, so that is why she will be going to rehab. She is not allowed to have any food or drink which makes her voice very weak and hoarse. But her sense of humor is still shining through! She turned 89 on Thursday. I can only pray that I live to be that old and in the shape she is in (despite the stroke). After rehab she will probably go to a nursing home, but that decision has not been made yet (and I'm not sure if she knows that).

If everyone would please pray for my grandma that she would have a quick recovery and that she will have understanding when my dad and uncles tell her the living situation for after rehab. She has been living alone since my papa died nearly 5 years ago. They have been trying to sell her house for a few months now, but with the market it is not looking very good. And although her health seems okay right now, she is not the same as she was 2 weeks ago or even 2 months ago.

I have been praying that I would have understanding that my grandma is not young and she is not able to do all of the things she used to do with me. After my papa died, I was very depressed (never diagnosed by a doctor, but I'm smart enough to figure these things out). And sometimes I think I'm still fighting my way out of that depression. I feel like my life is finally getting back on track, especially with school. I am very afraid that if my grandma passes that I will be even more depressed and I won't be able to keep myself on top of schoolwork. I don't want to start this school thing all over again like I did in the past.

I'm Not Sure I Could Be Any More Disappointed

I am on the waiting list for respiratory therapy. After crying for 2 hours on Saturday about the whole situation, I have finally gathered myself and my thoughts. Like I've said before, there is a chance I could be called any time between now and early August.

So while that is still in the back of my mind as Plan B, I have come up with Plan A. Since I will be completing my medical transcription coursework in early August, the only other degree I have left to finish is the international business degree at Liberty. If all goes according to my plan (and we know that it won't because I'm not in control), then I will start back taking my last few classes at Liberty. I have 6 classes that I need to take there, and 4 more that I am pretty sure I can take at community college. I'm going to take my time with them though and try not to rush to get them done. I'm going on 6 years of college anyway, why rush to finish at this point?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

And the Verdict Is...

I got on the waiting list for nursing. The letter came in the mail today. I've pretty much cried off and on since I read it. I mean, it's good that I am on the waiting list. And I don't even know how far down the list I am. The letter even said to expect to be called any time up until two days before school starts in the fall. But it just really upset me. I have waited this long to find out if I got in or not, and I knew all along that I could be on the waiting list. I just so badly wanted to know a definite answer. I just want to know what I'm doing in three months.

I still haven't heard from the respiratory therapy program, and I have no clue when I will.

This does not make for a good start to my birthday weekend.