Monday, May 23, 2011

It's Official!

I just couldn't hold it in any longer! I got into the respiratory therapy program at school and will start mid-August! I will be leaving my job a couple of weeks prior to that so that I can have a little break to have some time for myself and whatever I want to do. I am so excited about starting the program! And now for how it went down...

Saturday, May 14: I was resting and just hanging out around the house, watching some tv, and catching up on my naps. Matthew checked the mail at some point in the afternoon.

I opened up the envelope from school and cried for about an hour straight. Then there were scattered sobs throughout the rest of the day (yes those are like scattered thunderstorms, but with tears and snorts instead of rain and lightning).

The letter said I was on the waiting list. Only 15 people are accepted per year in the respiratory program. Since I had already found out I was waitlisted for nursing, this just made me have to rethink the next two years of my life.

Wednesday, May 18: Since I had already re-planned the next two years of my life (yea, I re-planned 2 years in only 4 days), I wasn't dwelling on getting into one of the programs. I actually had somewhat gotten over it. There is no point in being depressed about it forever. I knew the odds weren't great considering how many people were applying.

Anyway, I came home that day to  meet my sister so we could go visit my grandma. My sister needed to use the bathroom when she got here, so I took Cinnamon outside and checked the mail. There was a big envelope from the school. I saw the name written on the top and immediately knew it was from the respiratory program.

As soon as I got inside, I ripped the envelope open. I read the words "Congratulations!" and that was it. I screamed and jumped ten feet in the air! My sister came running out of the bedroom. Cinnamon started jumping. Shannon started jumping. We all started jumping and screaming (well Cinnamon was barking)! And I may have expressed some other sentiments of joy that I cannot share here! It was so exciting! My hands were shaking as I tried to read the rest of the letter. It was like I forgot how to read! I skimmed the rest of the letter and we got ready to leave. I finally read the letter late that night before I went to bed.

I gave my notice today and my last day will be August 5. I am looking forward to that two weeks in between work ending and school starting to do some things I want to do!

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