Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm Not Sure I Could Be Any More Disappointed

I am on the waiting list for respiratory therapy. After crying for 2 hours on Saturday about the whole situation, I have finally gathered myself and my thoughts. Like I've said before, there is a chance I could be called any time between now and early August.

So while that is still in the back of my mind as Plan B, I have come up with Plan A. Since I will be completing my medical transcription coursework in early August, the only other degree I have left to finish is the international business degree at Liberty. If all goes according to my plan (and we know that it won't because I'm not in control), then I will start back taking my last few classes at Liberty. I have 6 classes that I need to take there, and 4 more that I am pretty sure I can take at community college. I'm going to take my time with them though and try not to rush to get them done. I'm going on 6 years of college anyway, why rush to finish at this point?

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