Monday, October 18, 2010

New Beginnings!

This weekend was the beginning of a couple of things.

We went to Dave Ramsey Saturday at the RBC Center. And we had a great time! Well we had a great time after we actually got inside. Traffic was terrible as the state fair is right across the street. We sat in traffic for an hour and were within viewing distance of the RBC Center the entire time! And apparently we made some kind of illegal move and were told to exit the property immediately. We went around some cones to get in. Yet the people at that entrance directed us down to the parking making no comment that we had done nothing wrong. Yet the two people at the parking section were rude and could not even answer my question about whether we would be allowed back on the property. That was an adventure. But we were not the only people to arrive late, so it was okay! And the next four hours flew by because we were actually having fun learning!

So after the show, we bought the home study kit to go through the 13-week class. We did the first lesson last night. It was eye-opening! The lesson lasted about 60 minutes, and we filled in the workbook answers while we listened. Afterwards we did our homework assignment which is to do a quickie budget of the four necessities: house, utilities, transportation, and food. We realized how much difference there was between our necessity bills and how much we are actually spending each month. And we have officially started on baby step 1 which is to save $1,000 in an emergency fund! I am so excited to have started this step! I don't even know the last time I had a decent amount in savings.

And to see Matthew's excitement over all of this has amazed me! I am so proud! I think I even shed a tear or two.. tears of joy of course. This is our beginning to live like no one else. The numbers don't lie and this is the motivation we needed!

The second thing is that my Solo Slim arrived this morning! And so today is the first day. I can already tell that my appetite is not as ravenous, for the lack of a more descriptive word! I didn't even finish my whole 6" sub for lunch! I am very optimistic about the next few weeks and to see the results! I haven't had any jittery feelings or heart racing. I haven't felt nervous or had any changes in temperature. And I have not felt nauseous. This may be the easiest diet ever!

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