Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Weekend is Flying By!

I had so many plans for this weekend, goals to accomplish, things to do! And I feel as if I've gotten nowhere!

Clean out bathroom cabinets - Done!
Move bathroom related products from stock closet to bathroom cabinets - Done! And now I have more space in my closet! And no more running to the closet when I realize I have no shampoo in the shower!
Buy stuff for all of my fall craft ideas - Done! (except for black burlap.. but I have to wait for the store to get some!)
Print coupons - Definitely need to do this.
Grocery Shop - Definitely need to do this, too. But not until I print coupons.
Homework - Due today! I haven't even started yet!
Shop for bedroom decor - I have ideas! And I remember where I saw things I want! I just need to get them!
Get pictures printed so I can frame them before the shower next weekend! - This will have to wait until after work one day.
Exercise - I will get to this today! I have missed two days and I refuse to miss another!

Why must the week drag on and the weekends speed past? I need more weekend time!

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