Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Where Have We Been?

When school ended (for my entire two week summer break), I worked full time until May 19 when I flew to Denver with my sister, Shannon, and brother-in-law, Jeff. I flew back to NC on Tuesday night, which by the way seemed like the longest flight ever only because I was losing 2 hours. But my sleep was not affected once I got home, only while I was in Colorado. I'll do separate posts on our awesome trip because there is just so much to talk about!

School started back on May 23. We have already had one test and have another this week. Clinicals start back tomorrow, and fortunately I get to go to my favorite hospital first! I am kind of excited about that, however, that will be my only visit there this summer. Last week we had orientation at Pitt, now Vidant. That was a long day of parking and walking and it was all very overwhelming! I go there next week for my first set of 12 hour clinical days. That's definitely scary to me. I've heard that they pile the work on and they don't slow down all day. I'm not super active and am usually sitting down during the day. I'm definitely taking my inhaler. I thought I was going to die the other day we were walking so fast on our tour. And I couldn't tell you one thing we looked at because I was so lost and confused in that ginormous hospital.

I babysat on Saturday while Matthew worked. I took the little boy to the children's museum in town. He had a blast! We looked at the animals, saw a lot of different brains, and played with every dinosaur you can think of. Over two hours later, I finally had to bribe him to get us to leave haha. He got a black snake in the gift shop because he wanted to scare his daddy. We stopped at Chickfila on the way home. He ate two whole nuggets out of his kid's meal. You know I ate the rest. I'm a fatty like that.

In other news, Matthew has finally reached his time at work where he qualifies for insurance! I get so tired of going through this with each job. But I know that one day, maybe even with his current job, that he will find his forever job and we won't have to keep reading up on insurance options because quite frankly I don't understand half of what they say.

Also, the most exciting news is that Matthew is helping to coach a Babe Ruth League baseball team this summer! They are all 14 and 15 year old boys. In my mind boys of that age are innocent children still. Wrong. I have been in shock from the things I've heard so far, and I've only been to two games. They are a good team though! They are 3-0 right now. I am so excited that Matthew has gotten back to what he loves most! He definitely needed a little push to accept the offer to help, but he's glad that he did. The only downside is that it's very time consuming. There are two or three games a week, and they practice the other weeknights. Since they all start right after he gets off work, or in the case of practice before he gets off work, he's not getting home until late. And we thought we didn't have time to spend with each other before!

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