Friday, June 10, 2011

Wedding ABCs (part 2)

A highschool classmate and her dad sang "The Prayer" during the ceremony. Our first dance was "At Last". And that's all I remember. One of the bridesmaids put together the list of songs for the reception. It was a mix of hip hop and oldies; we had to please everyone!

By definition, newlyweds means "Recently married", and recently means "Of, belonging to, or occuring at a time imeediately before the present". So by that, I would not consider us newlyweds. Everyone asks if the honeymoon is over. I always say, "Uh, yeah, that was over during the actual honeymoon!" I joke! I have felt like it was over from the beginning. We jumped from wedding to honeymoon and then back to work and school. We haven't had any length of time spent on us. The last year has been one class, meeting, appointment, and event after another. The next two years will not be any different. And once we have kids, things will be even busier. I guess we are adjusted to our few moments of hangout time.

Old, New, Borrowed, Blue
I didn't really make a big fuss about doing this tradition. But I wore old underwear, new dress and shoes, borrowed my mom's biker short things (it was hot.. my legs were sticking together.. nobody wants chafing haha), and I think I might have had blue on my underwear. I can't remember.

We had an awesome photographer named Brian Fleming! He was exactly the type of photographer I wanted. I don't care for all of the crazy and goofy pictures or the super artistic pictures. I simply wanted to get all of the pictures, and I wanted them to be good! I didn't want to have to buy individual prints for outrageous prices. I liked that he was honest and upfront, especially about the service of making a photo album and that he would go to a website just like I could do myself. And the price was extremely reasonable!

Question Popping
I went over that in yesterday's post. It was perfect!

There were orange and pink tissue pom-poms hanging over the dance floor. There were food tables along all of the walls. We had shrimp, carved beef and turkey (or maybe it was pork!), a pasta station, hot crab dip, a fruit display, cheese and vegetable table, some kind of chicken, and I can't even remember what else! Everything was good, but we didn't get to eat a whole lot there. Luckily, our caterer packed us a cooler for the road! And we hauled that thing into every hotel room (for midnight snacks) until we got tired of filling it up with ice!

If you know me, then you know that I love nothing more than a Rainbow flip flop! They are my shoe of choice no matter the occasion. If I could wear them to work, I would! Since a wedding is slightly more formal than everyday life, I got a white pair of rainbows (whiter than my dress, but who cares!) with some bling on the strap! These shoes cost more than I wanted to spend, but I have worn them a couple of times since. They might just go in the shadow box haha. I also picked these out because I wanted a flat shoe (since we are about the same height and I do not do heels) and a comfortable shoe.

Trash the Dress
I would never in a million years trash something that cost that much! I am too cheap! Plus, I want to keep my dress. It's all cleaned and boxed up!

Hmm.. I'm not sure if we had anything super unique. We did have pinwheels for our favors. And I guess it was unique that we barely danced, because I hate to dance haha. We also did a sand ceremony instead of a unity candle. I know that's not unique, but it wasn't super popular around here at the time.

We just had the traditional Baptist vows. I couldn't even tell you what we said. Is that sad? I mean, I meant what I said. I just have a terrible memory!

Wedding Woes
There wasn't really anything that went wrong on the day of the wedding. I didn't want to wake up that early and setup for the reception. And I might not have shown up at the time my mom wanted me to. But other than that, everything turned out just like it was supposed to!

The only thing x-rated was Matthew's groomsmen and their foul mouths. But they managed for a day to be semi-polite and gentleman-like.

Young Kids
We requested that no young children be brought to the wedding. The only ones that were really there were the flower girl and ring bearer, along with their older brother, and my cousin's baby (but he slept the whole time and they had traveled from Georgia to be there).

Yeahh, when was I supposed to get the sleep? I didn't have that in my itinerary! After the wedding, we rode around until we realized neither of us had keys to get into our cars or my parent's house. After fixing that problem, we hung out at my parent's house until midnight probably eating leftover food and cake and hanging out with my family. Once we got home, we opened all of our wedding gifts, which took about 2 hours! And then we passed out to sleep. We had planned to leave at 7 a.m. the next day for our road trip, but we probably ended up leaving closer to 8:30.

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