Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Let's Take a Bet!

How long do you think it will be before I post again? haha Just kidding! I need to keep this thing up to date so when I'm old and can't remember anything, I can read about what I was doing way back when!

So what have we been up to this summer? Well I guess the same thing as always. We have been working our usual schedules. I have been going to school and doing homework every week. The school is actually closed this week so I have been relaxing after work instead of staying up until midnight taking tests! And it is nice! We went to the beach for Memorial weekend and only went on the beach for about an hour total. We did swim in the indoor pool though. I definitely cried a couple times about being fat and disgusting, so once I am done working and will be home more, I will be exercising and eating right. I really have to fix myself this time and what excuse could I possibly have when I have nothing going on? Exactly. There will not be an excuse of any kind!

We have been saving money and trying to figure out a budget for the next two years. I have been looking for a part-time job, which has been unsuccessful thus far. I have never really had to search for a job. My first and longest job was working for my dad. I didn't have to interview for that! In college I did a lot of babysitting and I did have a part-time job, but somehow that was super easy to land. I was much more mature then! It's just not as easy as I expected. Plus, with a school schedule that will vary each semester, it doesn't leave a lot of options. People don't want to work with a complicated schedule. It's just a fact. If anyone has any ideas or knows of any job openings, please let me know! I think I may hit up the retail stores in the next couple of weeks. They may be my only legitimate option!

The countdown is on! I only have 22 days left until my life changes forever and for the better. Only 22 days left until I take the first step, maybe the biggest step I've ever taken, into my future. I like being independent. I don't like depending on others. I don't even like borrowing a dollar! I am proud of all that I've accomplished at a young age and I can't help feeling that I'm allowing myself to take a step backwards. The phrase "take two steps forward and one step back" rings in my mind constantly. I feel like that is exactly what I am doing in my life. And as scared as I am to let go of my little comfort zone of being so independent, at the same time I am excited that I will have to depend on Matthew! I am excited to see him be the provider, something he has wanted to be for so long! I am excited at the thought of being home a little more and maybe keeping the house up a little (or a lot) better! The next two years won't be easy as far as finances go, but I think that we will both grow closer together and closer to God. I think that maybe I will become more of a homemaker and be preparing myself for that future dream of motherhood. I think Matthew will fit into his new role as breadwinner quite nicely and maybe he'll become a better man, one that's pruned just perfectly to become a fun and loving dad.

Despite all of my excitement, I am still scared. Soon I will be a skinnier, confident, patient, house-cleaning, baking, outgoing, gardening, happier version of me! How fun!

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