Thursday, August 23, 2012

Summer 2012

Wow.. that was the longest blog break ever! Sorry guys! Life just got busy and time got short. I guess that just shows I'm growing up because facebook and blogs were no logger on the priority list.. at all. And the menu planning disappeared because cooking was nonexistent haha! I'm not sure when I even stopped blogging, so I'll do a little recap of some big events from my summer.

Early in May, my grandma suffered a heart attack as well as another stroke, nearly a year to the day from the last one. She celebrated her 90th birthday in the hospital as she waited to get well enough to be moved to the nursing home for rehab. There were normal days and days full of confusion, but overall she was doing well. Then just a few weeks ago, she had to go back to the hospital. She'd had another stroke. This time it affected her eyesight. She has trouble focusing and has basically lost most vision in her left eye. Also in the midst of these events, her left hand was hurt by the nurses and aids pulling her and moving her. An x-ray revealed no issues, but she has been unable to use it for a few weeks now. It was decided that she would not be going back home because there was no way she would be able to care for herself. Her house was for sale for the past 2 years without any interest, but it has now been rented out to a cute little family. We had less than one month to clean out her entire 4,500 sq. ft. house that she lived in since 1967. A huge clothing sale and auction later, there are still plenty of items to donate and items being sold in small shops out of town.

Summer school ended August 8 and my online class just ended this past Sunday. However, I worked my entire break between semesters except for 2 days. I also had bronchitis the entire break.

My uncle had a heart attack about two weeks ago, and although it was minor, they found out he had 3 major blockages. They put a stent in the 100% blockage. He goes back in two weeks to get stents for the 90% and 60% blockages. He isn't even 60, but has had unhealthy eating and exercise habits for a long time. My dad has had so much stress on him between my grandma and my uncle having health issues this year. It's a miracle that he has not had any problems, but the doctor gave him a clean bill of health last week!

Matthew and I finally got a little vacation. We went to Emerald Isle with my parents and sister and her husband last weekend. We had a good time, but I cannot wait for school to be done and to be able to go out of town for more than 2 days. My mind and body are so exhausted! I need a break so bad, but it will be months before I can even dream of such a thing. We ate at this really great place at the beach called Amos Mosquito's. Check it out if you are ever in the Atlantic Beach area! Seriously, it was the most unique restaurant ever. The atmosphere and decor were just so fun and yet it felt like a backyard barbecue. And the food.. amazing! Everything was so good!

And actually just before school ended for the summer, I talked with the financial aid department at school to discuss my options. After filling out my FAFSA, it said we could contribute like $9,000 which we all know is impossible considering I work a variable part-time schedule. I turned in all of the necessary paperwork and had to go back the day we left for the beach to finalize everything. Luckily, I qualified for a full pell grant and am currently worry free!

When it rains, it pours. But we have placed our faith in God and prayed hard for His provisions. He has not let us down a single time, and He never will! We have been so blessed this year, despite all of the problems I have just mentioned. Everyone is still alive and kicking, and for that we can be thankful and praise God!

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