Sunday, October 28, 2012

All Sorts of News!

Well, only a couple things really.

I found out about a week ago that I got another scholarship for school this year! Although it's only $200, that basically pays me back for the books I had to buy for this semester. And I was definitely not expecting it since I ended up getting a grant that paid for everything and then some. So I have to go to the scholarship ceremony next week which happens to be on a clinical day. Although I looooove clinicals (rightttt), I am really glad that I get to miss one of the 12 hour days!

The time changes next weekend which means it will be getting darker even earlier. Last year I didn't worry about it at all because I was still keeping a normal schedule. However, this time around I will be having those 12 hour clinical days. Going in when it's dark and coming out when it's dark! I know that my body will take a toll during this. When it's dark, my body says "let me sleep!" haha. Not seeing the sun for a couple days will be hard as well. I already know I'll feel like time is just passing me by and I'm getting nothing accomplished. Luckily, we have less than 2 months of this semester left! I am so glad and thankful that the time is passing so quickly. Barely more than 6 months until graduation!

I officially started Christmas shopping last week! I'm usually done by now, but it's hard to buy stuff when you are busy studying and working and trying to get some rest and especially when you're short on cash. I cannot wait to be working full-time again! I know I'm not going without the necessities but it is hard to come from a time of having everything you needed and most of what you wanted to having most of what you need and just a tad of what you want. As y'all know, I'm still deal hunting to get the most for the little I have to spend! We went to a few stores last night. Of course I bought 3 Calphalon serving spoons at Bed, Bath, and Beyond that cost $18 after coupons ($5 off and 20% off). Then I went to TJ Maxx and found the exact same things on clearance for $2 each! Of course I got them and I'll be returning the expensive ones!  I'll take $6 over $25 any day. And yes I've been scouring the Black Friday ad releases even though I'll be working that day. I'll send my elves out if I find something good!

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