Friday, April 8, 2011

I'm Dreaming of a Kitchen Redo!

Have you ever seen my kitchen? Want to know why? Because it's so ugly! I love the size of my kitchen and that it is fairly open to the living room. I do not love the color of my kitchen. It's just gross! It's just white... white walls, white trim, white door, white counters, white cabinets, white appliances... well you get the point. There are a few places where you can see red. Perhaps the previous owners had a red kitchen. I don't know what happened, but I have been dreaming of changing it since I first looked at the house. We have put down new vinyl tiles in the kitchen area. They look like slate and are way better than what was there! The dining area has a hardwood floor, but it needs to be refinished because it has a lot of stains and scratches. Now I'm just excited to get it all finished!

This is the paint color I have picked out. I wanted a gray color with a hint of blue. I picked up almost 10 paint cards at Lowe's, and this is the only color I liked. The vision is in my head! And in case you can't visualize it, I came across this blog a couple days ago. They painted their sitting room in the color I picked out (it's the 18th picture down). I also want to get all of my cabinets and trim painted a brighter white. Right now they are kind of dingy looking, so they definitely need freshening up! We've even picked out tile to make a backsplash behind all the counters. And it just so happens that the same people who used the same paint color also used the same tile (the 12th picture down). After seeing what they did, I am even more ready to get this kitchen done!

You may remember me posting about this Craigslist find! We got it in Durham at some cute little shop. It was a deal, and it is the perfect pop of color!
This is in the dining area and right next to the big doorway that opens into the living room.
And I got these for Christmas from my parents! We had added them to our Crate and Barrel wedding registry and I dreamed about them every single day since then. I was so excited to get them and my dad hung them all up for me! I can't wait to see how they look against a painted wall instead of the white!

These are hung up directly behind the dining table. Love them!
My sister bought us this rug as a wedding gift. It has all the colors in it and matches the pictures amazingly well!
 I'm hoping all of this painting can be done soon, maybe by the time my birthday gets here!

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Tanner's Mom said...

OOOHHH!! Nice! I wanna see when your done!!! I love remodeling blogs! They are my favorite!!!!!