Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Days Are Shorter And My Schedule Is Longer!

I was hoping to catch a break one of these days.

I had a test Monday and Tuesday, so I studied for two days straight!

Then yesterday, Matthew's grandma passed away. Please pray for him and his family. I have never seen Matthew cry until he heard the news. It broke my heart to see him hurting. I know all too well what it's like to lose a grandparent. When my PaPa died, it took me years to get over it. And I still occasionally have a rough day. I can only hope that Matthew is better at grieving than I am. The visitation and funeral will be Thursday night and there will be a family graveside service on Friday. I won't be able to go Friday because of a hospital orientation (which is the first step of a job interview basically). I wish I could be there for Matthew, but he understands.

This morning I had my scholarship ceremony. I was so nervous! But it really wasn't all that bad. I'm glad it's over with and I'm ready to get the money so I can pay for next semester!

I have been busy Christmas shopping and making gift baskets and so many other things! Maybe one day I'll get back to blogging!

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