Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Is Coming!

School is done!!! I ended up with A, A, B, C. Woohoo! I wish I could say these three weeks would be a true break, but then I'd be lying. I have to work several days over break, which is not a complaint. I am extremely thankful for my job and that they are so willing to work with me! Words will never be able to express my appreciation! And with all that I make working, I will basically be making back all that I spent on Christmas haha!

We already did our gift exchange at work last Thursday! I got some great stuff that I really needed: a small pocket notebook (for clinicals), Burt's Bees chapstick, Bath and Body Works lotions, some chocolate truffles, and a $20 Target gift card! Everybody got some really great stuff!

This week I've been finishing up my Christmas shopping. I've been to Raleigh every weekend for the last three weekends haha. And the last two times I bought one thing each time. It's just so nice that when school is out I can actually relax and breathe and do things because I have free time and not just because it's necessary to do! It's so much more fun that way.

I've got to finish making some gifts for Matthew and my brother-in-law, Jeff. I have to return some stuff to JCPenney's just to buy it back with a coupon (that's coming out on Wednesday). It's worth it to save $10! I've wrapped all but 4 gifts I think. Matthew still has to finish shopping (and he only has to buy gifts for me) and wrap it all. We did manage to finish buying stocking stuffers last night. Those are always hardest to buy because you want to buy small stuff that the person would like but also maybe some creative ideas and you don't want to pay a lot for each item. I've found that the smaller the item, the more outrageous the cost!

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