Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy Christmas! (Part 2)

I woke up Christmas morning and made orange rolls and bacon for our Christmas breakfast! This year was different because Matthew and I got to wake up and do our Christmas first thing. I guess it will be like that once we have kids, but it was weird not having Santa with my parents first thing. Signs of getting old! haha Matthew ended up with a couple of Jos. Bank's dress shirts, a Duke hoodie, some face wash, organizer for his car, can coolers, a mechanic's set, monogrammed beer mugs, hairclippers (to cut his own hair), and a reversible belt. I got a craft table, a purse, socks, underwear, a trashcan (for recycling), a watch, season 2 of Modern Family, and a ChickFilA calendar!

After wrapping a couple of last minute gifts and separating and packing them all up in the car, we headed to Matthew's grandparents' for Christmas lunch. We had prime rib (that was cooked more like a tough roast). I can't remember the other food. I rarely eat the side dishes there haha. Then we exchanged our gifts. His parents gave us a $50 visa gift card. His grandparents had already given us $100 each. And his sister and her husband gave us a set of 4 frames with a saying in each one. We gave his sister a gift basket with all sorts of bath and body stuff, makeup stuff, candles, etc. And we also gave her husband a basket of car wash stuff. His dad got a suitcase for all the mission trips he goes on, and his mom got a facial at the day spa. We gave his grandma a scarf, dishcloths, and bath and body stuff. And we gave his grandpa bedroom shoes and a wallet. Everyone liked their stuff, and if not then they did a good job of lying haha.

Around 2 p.m. we made it to my grandma's to celebrate with my dad's side of the family. There was more food to be had! They just had sandwich stuff, potato salad, chicken salad, deviled eggs, shrimp, sausage balls (from Biscuitville.. do not buy those), cheesecakes, candy and nuts, and chocolate pie. Matthew got a pair of Clarks (for work and church). I got a coat and a bunch of school stuff (like bandage scissors, safety glasses, notebook, binder, pens, and pocket notebook). And together we got a globe from Pier One along with a $20 gift card. I've already got my eye on something!

Finally we headed to my parents' house to open the majority of our gifts. It was weird opening them at night! Matthew got another Jos. Bank's dress shirt, a Chaps shirt, bedroom shoes, more face and body wash, a Carolina hoodie (blah!), a sweater jacket, a windbreaker, and some money. I got a couple of sweaters from Talbots, long sleeved tshirts, bras, sound machine, the olay prox facial cleansing brush, a set of 3 mirrors (for my clock wall), bearpaw boots, a hand mixer, and some canisters for the kitchen. And together we got a ceiling fan, new lights for the hallway, a light for the kitchen, 2 island lights, and a front porch light.

Christmas was fast paced and full of stops this year, but it was still great! Now to start shopping for next year! I have to do even better this year with my $50 a person budget!

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