Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Recent Finds.

As you know, I love a deal. So I'm sure you've at least assumed that I shop at TJ Maxx and Ross and Tuesday Morning and Big Lots. No? haha Well it's true. I pop my head in at least once a week at each store. Is it bad that the employees at Tuesday Morning know my zip code by heart? I do enjoy getting the scoop on sales before others know though, so totally worth it.

I thought I'd show y'all in photos what some of my deals have been lately!

My $4 porcelain coffee mug with hot pink silicone lid. Love these colors! I'm just glad it didn't say Maxxinista like most of their other coffee cups right now. I don't know what's going on there. A marketing mistake, clearly.

50 blue and white paper straws for $4. Obsessed! And this pile of green plastic? Drawer organizers. 8 pieces in all. You snap them together the way you want them to be! Spring cleaning a little early around this joint! They know how to pull at my heartstrings at TJ Maxx. Bright colors.

Did I mention this Kate Spade vase I got on clearance at TJ? $23. I waited patiently for this baby. It was $40 to begin with. I waited weeks. When I saw it on clearance, I grabbed it so fast. Then I asked Matthew if it was okay if I spent $23 on Kate Spade. And really that was a rhetorical question. The answer was yes no matter what he said. It has butterflies etched all over. I'm not really a butterfly person, but I'm a Kate Spade person. Therefore, I'm a Kate Spade butterfly vase person.

 This blue zebra dress was a $16 find at Ross. After scoping the whole store and ready to try on my other items, I strolled over to the dresses "just to see if there's anything good!" as I told Matthew. And there was! Fit like a charm and didn't think twice about buying it!

Oh, and this little winner here caught my eye so quickly I'm fairly sure I went into shock for a moment. I didn't even care what size it was, I was trying it on. And then I found the next size up! I tried them both... but I mean I don't need 2 of the same thing, so I bought one. $35 for Michael Kors. This top is ridiculously cute on. I'm not crazy about the gold chain, so that may be taken out. But I am so happy about this find!

As I browsed the baby section, you know, looking for things to buy my future niece or nephew, I found this. And I had to have it. $3 for this diaper rack thingy. I don't even care. It has a barn. And it's perfect for my future child, whenever that may be. Not trying to announce anything here. I'm just getting prepared by buying things I love when I see them. You know how it works when you go to look for a specific item and search to the ends of the earth only to learn that it doesn't exist. I'm trying to avoid that, so I'm buying way early haha.

Found this melamine platter for $4 at Tuesday Morning a few days ago. It's so cute! The tag said $5, and I was okay with $5. I would have been okay with $10. But it rang up for $4 and I loved it even more. Again, for my future child's room.

And these next few are of fabric fat quarters I got at Tuesday Morning. If you know me, you know I love cows. This fabric has been there for a while and I wanted it badddd. But who buys things for their future child that hasn't even been planned or scheduled or anything? I mean I am not trying to jinx anything. My sister convinced me to buy it before it got gone. So I did. $10 for 7 pieces of fabric. I could care less about the ones with fruit, but I love the farm prints and the plaid.

 As I was sitting in class a couple weeks ago, one of the local shops posted some jewelry at deep discounts. I had to have them! So I messaged them over facebook to make sure I got them! $10 for this necklace and earring set.

And $2.50 for each of this bubble bracelets. 

I just realized this post makes me look like a shopaholic. I prefer to be called a dealaholic. Thank you.

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