Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Our First Valentine's Day As a Married Couple!

I'm pretty sure this could be considered a milestone of sorts!

I'm not super into Valentine's Day and all the mushy gushy love stuff. You won't see me out buying giant pink and red stuffed animals or candy or even a card. I just like knowing that people care about me. And I don't need a specific day for them to let me know. I think it's better when they let me know randomly throughout the year.

Matthew and I celebrated Valentine's together on Saturday. He picked me up from my parents' house when he got off work at 4. We headed to Wal-mart to buy all the food we wanted for dinner. And let's just say I am thankful his grandma gives us a gift card every month, because I could never spend that much money on so little food.

We ended up with 2 giant ribeyes, each weighing just over a pound; caesar salad mix; focaccia bread; jalapeno poppers (fried jalapenos with cream cheese.. soooo good!); and sweet potatoes.

Matthew lit a little jar candle (that he found in a drawer) and put it on the kitchen table. We never eat at the table, so this was clearly a holiday meal! And we even used the placemats my parents had given us for a shower gift. This means it was a super nice holiday meal! Placemats are for looking good on the table, not for being dirtied with crumbs! However, I couldn't make myself use the cloth napkins. I could never fold them back the same way!

Everything was so good! And we had enough food leftover that we ate basically the same meal Sunday night (we just had red potatoes and deviled eggs instead of sweet potatoes and salad).

We had decided to not exchange gifts because we really don't have the money and the little we do have, we decided to save. But Matthew surprised me at work with a bouquet of daisies (dark purple, light purple, and hot pink)! He knows me well enough to not spend a lot on flowers from a florist! And then in the afternoon, he brought me a mocha frappe because he knows how much I love them and have been avoiding them since I started my diet!

Once Matthew got home from work, we knew we needed to get groceries. We ate dinner at the mall. I got pizza and Matthew got Chinese. Did you expect him to get anything different? Then we went to Wal-mart and got groceries. And we even rented a movie from Redbox (because I had a free promo code), Grown Ups. Of course Matthew fell asleep half way through the movie. But it was a really good movie!

All in all, we had a very good first Valentine's Day!

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