Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yet Another Job Opportunity!

I know it seems like Matthew applies for a lot of jobs and never hears anything back. And that is true. But if you don't apply, you'll never even have a chance to hear anything!

Tuesday night, Matthew's parents told him about a job opportunity that a member of their church had told them about. He went yesterday morning to the temp agency that the job is through. It's a temp to hire position. So after 90 days, he would be employed by the business and not the temp agency. They did a drug test on the spot and then had him fill out all the necessary paperwork. They are supposed to be scheduling a job interview for today since he is off work today!

This job pays more than double what Matthew makes now! It pays better than the city job he is waiting to her back from. I'm just so excited that he keeps getting all of these opportunities, even if it is just an interview. I know that he can do all of those jobs if he puts his mind to it. A year ago, he didn't know how to change a tire or oil. Now he does it all day long. A year ago, he had never worked a job more than a few months. Now he's worked a job for over a year, patiently waiting for a raise and a promotion to full-time. I just hope that somebody else can see the potential that I see and the ability to learn that he has proven over the last year!

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