Sunday, October 30, 2011

What a Week It's Gonna Be!

We had our first clinical orientation on Friday. They served us breakfast for free! I looked quite professional in my scrubs and white coat, and no I don't have any pictures of me dressed up haha! It was a long morning of meeting people and being told all of the rules and precautions. The best news of the day was that whenever we rotate there, we get to choose a free breakfast or lunch. They were cooking ribs on the grill as we were leaving and let me tell you, they smelled sooooo good! This is going to be good for my wallet but bad for my waist! We also got a couple of free hand sanitizer sprays. Nothing says "Welcome!" like a free gift!

I had to work Friday afternoon as well. We drew names for Christmas gifts. I am excited to get shopping and am glad with who I picked! I would be glad with anyone considering I just like shopping in general. But I am especially happy with my pick! And I can't wait to find out who got my name and see what I will get! I just love getting gifts! And giving gifts!

This week we have a test on Tuesday, a test on Wednesday, and I have a speech due Thursday. Then there's another clinical orientation on Friday. Luckily, both tests are mostly math which happens to come a little easier to me. I am one of three people not panicking about these tests. But it's still a lot to do in one week.

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