Monday, October 10, 2011

Yard Sale!

We finally had our yard sale on Saturday. I am so glad it is all over with! I feel like I have been going through junk for weeks. Now I just have to get rid of all that stuff that I didn't sell, but that's the project for this week.

I ended up making about $175. I was hoping for more, but I'm happy with that.

I am shocked at the fact that people want everything for next to nothing. If it still looks new, then I think it's worth more than $1. One girl was especially rude. She had a suede purse, 2 cute ceramic signs, and a pack of thank you cards from my pile and a bath rug, picture frame, super nice scarf (like a pashmina), and a little planter from Tammy's pile. We told her $12 for all of it and she handed me the purse back as she made a disgusted face. Everything she had was practically brand new. I really wanted $5 for the purse, but had told her $3. Is $3 too much for a suede purse that's barely been used? I don't think so. She really got under our skin. It's people that are rude that make you think twice about having a yard sale.

My mom made the most.. over $400, but she sold some furniture and my dad sold a bunch of fire extinguishers for $10 each! Tammy made a little over $200. So altogether we made over $800. That number sounds pretty good! haha I wish my number alone was that good!

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