Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Starting Off 2012 With a Bang!

Okay, maybe it was more like I ended 2011 with a bang... by watching The Big Bang Theory on TBS for hours! haha I did not make it until midnight. I think I finally went to sleep at 11:30. No, I couldn't make it thirty more minutes haha! Matthew was asleep long before me. We didn't have any parties to go to (never have). My parents have more of a social life than we do. But we don't really care. We got take out Mexican and Chinese. Can you guess who ate what?

We started a diet on Monday! Although, we're not following a specific diet plan. We're just cutting back on calories, watching our portion sizes, and exercising (I would say more but we typically have no activity at all). The refrigerator and pantry are stocked with healthy items! Multiple grocery stores were visited to get everything we needed, and I spent less than $100 which should last us at least two weeks if not longer. And since we're not following a specific diet plan (partly because they don't work, and mostly because they cost money), I found a really useful tool on WebMD that lets you track your food, fitness, and weight. And the best part is, it's FREE!

I wanted to post pre-diet photos and weight, but it's just too depressing haha. Maybe after I lose some weight I'll be able to admit what I weighed at the beginning! My goal is to lose 70 pounds. I have gotten close to that weight goal before (off by about 5-10 pounds), so I know I can do it again this time. Matthew's goal is to lose almost 75 pounds. We're starting our exercise today. If you've got any workout ideas to do at home, I would really appreciate the advice! We can't really afford a gym membership, and the closest gym is about 15 minutes away which is frustrating at night when you're already tired and living on 2 different schedules. So we're going to try all the resources we have at home: walking, biking (outside and the stationary one inside), and pilates (for me). I hope that by mid-February (when we have a wedding to go to) that we'll have already lost about 1/4 of our goal!

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