Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Week Later

As of Friday, Matthew has another job that he will start on Monday!

After a rough weekend, the week started off really good with a lot of resumes being sent out. Matthew had an interview Thursday morning, and by the end of the day he had been offered a job. He had another interview Friday morning, but it wasn't enough money or what he wanted to do. So he accepted the previous job offer, and after a lot of phonecalls back and forth discussing money and schedules and all the technical things, it was official!

The only downside is that the job is through a temp agency for the first 90 days, which basically means less money during that time and a longer wait for benefits. But we are so thankful that it only took a week to find a job! It is actually closer to our house, so less money will be wasted on the drive to and from work. And I think in the longrun it will actually be a better job. The place is twice as large as the last job, which means there is more potential to move up. He will not be doing the exact same job as before, but it's still at a dealership. Matthew is so excited to start Monday morning! The Lord always provides!

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