Saturday, April 14, 2012

Forget Who I Was?

I didn't think so! Sorry for my absence, yet again. I am having a hard time juggling everything that is going on in my crazy world!

I started going to a weekly Bible study called First Place 4 Health. It is a 12 week Bible study and weight loss program. As of the first weigh-in, I had lost one pound. A single pound. But I had not exercised as much as I should have. I thought I had been eating fairly well though. So I was a little disappointed with that teeny tiny weight loss, but it's one pound closer to my goal! And that goal just so happens to be 68 more pounds away. This will be a long process. Matthew is not going to the Bible study, but he is following the weight loss program. For his first weigh-in, he lost 5 pounds. I will not let his success bring me down though because if he can lose, I know I can lose. And I want him to lose just as bad as I want to lose weight myself. So it's really a win haha.

We walked 4 miles this morning on the walking trail in town. It was so nice outside and the 50 minutes really went by quickly. We've also walked a couple times in our neighborhood. And I finally started using my stationary bike! I have found that it works best if one of my favorite shows is on. It goes by a lot faster if my attention is on something other than how many minutes are left in my workout haha.

What else have I been up to? Oh you know spring break was over a week ago now, but I worked the entire 6 days. Can't wait for that paycheck! There are officially three weeks and 2 days left of this school semester. And boy are they packing on the work! I've got 2 speeches, 2 critiques, 2 papers, 1 article review, 3 SOAP notes to collect info for and type, 4 tests, and eventually final exams. Ugh that sounds like a ton of stuff! I am so exhausted it is ridiculous. But luckily I get a 14 day break before the summer semester starts. And I will be working for about 7 of those days. Then by some incredible blessing from God, I am going to Colorado with my sister and her husband for 4 days!!!! They will be there a couple days longer, but I will take what I can get. I'll get back just in time to start school the next day!

So this is what I have been up to lately. Now should be when I make a promise to blog more, but I'm not going to make a promise I am pretty sure I'll break. I will really try a lot harder though! I really do have so much to talk about! But if you don't see any new blog posts, just pray that I am still alive and well and am making it through the end of this semester. That's all I need. Just to make it through.

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