Sunday, January 13, 2013

Life Decisions

As I have less than 4 months of school until graduation, I have to start thinking about job opportunities. Really, I need to be applying long before school is finished. I want to have a job secured before graduation, or at least by the end of May. I can't say I would mind that 3 week break to pass the certification and registry exams! But I am ready to be working full-time and bringing in more income.

I think we all know that the economy is not doing well, especially in our area. Although we've rotated at about ten locations, I just don't foresee there being as many openings as there are students graduating. There are multiple schools in the state (about 14 I think) with each having at least ten people graduating. I also know there are several people who graduated last year who are still seeking employment.

So that leads me to what I've always wanted to do... move away! I don't have the best track record of going away though haha. When I was little and would spend the night with my friends, I always got homesick and wanted to go home in the middle of the night. I went to camp in 6th grade and hated every last second of it. I was so homesick that I made myself physically ill. You could only make a phone call if you were actually sick, so this was my chance to beg my parents to come get me. Unfortunately, they left me. I spent the rest of the week being miserable! In high school, we went on 4 day retreats each year. My junior year, I convinced the school to let me be a teacher assistant for the week instead of going to camp. Does that tell you how much I hated it? I didn't mind being away so much for college. But I was only an hour away and came home most weekends. When I transferred schools and moved to another state, I lasted all of three days before moving back home.

Now that I have found job opportunities in other states, varying from a 6 hour drive to a $500 round-trip flight, I am questioning myself. As much as I want to get out of here and start my life with a great job, will I be able to actually go through with a big move that far from my family? This is my comfort zone and it holds everything I've ever known! Do I really want to move to a place I know nothing about, where I don't know a soul, but it promises a brand new start and a great future for us?

I really don't even know how to go about beginning to make a choice on such a big life decision. This is a scary process for me. If you have any tips on drastically changing your life, I would love to hear them!

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