Thursday, January 24, 2013

Walmart vs. Aldi

As most of you know, I love getting a deal on anything from food to clothes and even toilet paper. I'll admit I have an issue haha! I don't go grocery shopping very often, some due to the fact we are broke the majority of the time but mostly because I buy at lower prices and stock up. We did a big trip a little over a month ago getting enough produce and other necessities to last for a couple weeks. But it ended up lasting a month. There were a  couple of runs to the store for bananas, milk, and bread though. I eat a banana almost every single day. And I don't like them yellow. I want them green! This past Monday, on my wonderful day off school and work (and not because of the holiday), I had time to actually get some groceries. We had gone to Walmart the night before to get a few items that we absolutely needed, but I saved the rest for Aldi. I just wanted to show you guys a comparison between the two and how much I got at each store. A lot of people don't like Aldi, I guess because they don't have many name brands. But I threw brands out the window a long time ago. There are very few brands, as far as foods go, that I must have! Maybe this will make you want to give Aldi a whirl.

Poptarts 16 ct. $3.50
Mott's AppleSauce $2.68
Drainpro $2.97
Gain Dish Detergent $1.97
Great Value Pancakes $3.24
(4) Diet Caffeine Free Sundrop $1.00 each
(2) Diet Rite Cola $1.00 each
Animal Crackers $2.48
Great Value Marshmallows $.96
Tony's Pizza $1.36
Rice Krispies $2.98
Bananas 2.71 lbs. $1.54
Total: $30.79

Sweet Potatoes 3 lbs. $1.69
Red Potatoes 5 lbs. $1.49
(2) Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix $.49 each
Lunchmate Ham & Turkey Sub Kit 20 oz. $4.99
(2) Libby's Pumpkin Pie Mix $1..45 each
(2) Bread Crumbs $.89 each
Tomatoes 3 pack $1.19
Skim Milk gallon $3.49
Sirloin Tip Steak 2 lbs. $10.03
          $2 off coupon = $8.03
(2) Bugles $.99 each
(2) Fit & Active Turkey Hotdogs $1.29 each
Coconut Flakes $1.49
Blueberries $1.59
(2) Mushrooms $.79 each
Frozen Peaches 1 lb. $1.99
Frozen Strawberries 1 lb. $1.99
(2) Fruit Gushers $1.49 each
Turkey Tenderloins 2 lbs. $4.99
Peppers 3 pack $1.99
Total $50.82

I know this isn't a direct comparison because I obviously bought very different items from each place. But I feel like I got so much more for only $20 more! Not to mention I bought 6 lbs. of meat at Aldi, and mostly got extras at Walmart. The produce at Aldi is unbeatable in price. It is always the cheapest as far as everyday pricing goes. And just to throw this in, I usually buy milk from wherever. The milk at Walmart was $4.23 a gallon! I refuse to pay that much right now. We go through a gallon a week, so that's over $50 for the year!

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