Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Couple of Requests

Last weekend, my sister's dog Tanner wasn't eating or acting like himself. He's been doing this off and on the last couple of months. They went out to run a few errands last Saturday and when they returned Tanner had thrown up a lot. They found bark in it that just happens to be from a tree that is poisonous to dogs. And he had been eating it! They took him to the vet where he stayed until Wednesday afternoon. The first diagnosis was kidney failure. But after doing an ultrasound, they diagnosed him with a cancerous mass on his spleen that had also spread to his liver. The vet let my sister bring Tanner home. He has been given less than 2 months to live. My sister has had Tanner for 12 years, through a lot of hard times. I can't even imagine how upset she is. This is her baby! So if everyone could please pray for Tanner and that God's will be done, whether that is a miracle healing or a quick and painless passing. Also, please pray for my sister that she will be comforted no matter the outcome knowing that it was God's will and it was the best for Tanner.

Also this week, my aunt and uncle's house was broken into. They actually walked in while the guy was there. He had money, jewelry, guns, and a tv all laid out to take. And of course the guy ran when he saw them walk in. The police caught him down the street. But since then, the windows have been boarded up and they are too scared to go back. The neighborhood used to be nice. But over the years, it's really gotten bad. This is the first time that anything has ever happened to them though. Just pray that they will be able to make the right decision, whether they should stay there or if they should move. Pray that if they choose to stay, that God will put a ring of safety and protection around them. Pray that if they should move away from that neighborhood, they will be given a peace of mind and financial means to afford to leave.

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