Thursday, January 27, 2011

Diet Update

So I've been doing Weight Watchers for almost a full month now. And after last week's disaster of laziness and the complete lack of all motivation, I am happy to say that I have lost another pound! That's a total of 6 pounds! I try not to weigh myself except on Monday mornings. Otherwise, I would weigh myself every single day, maybe even a couple times a day haha! But to be most accurate you are supposed to weigh yourself at the same time every week. But I couldn't resist. I was trying to eat healthy this week. And I even rode my stationary bike last night! So I really felt like I had lost weight and I just couldn't make myself wait until Monday!

The one thing that has been hard with this diet is eating lunch during the week. Now if I wasn't so lazy, I would make my lunch ahead of time and take sandwiches with me. I've only accomplished this like twice. Sometimes I go out to eat with my friend from work. And sometimes I go through a drive-thru and go eat at my grandma's house. Of course with Weight Watchers, you can eat anywhere because you use your points as you want to. But my problem is breaking those old, bad habits.

I love Mexican food! I used to eat at the Mexican restaurant at least once or twice a week and sometimes as much as four times a week. And I never looked for the healthy options at the drive-thrus. I tend to look for the cheapest thing on the menu. So yesterday I did go eat Mexican for lunch, but I got a smaller plate than normal. And I didn't eat an entire basket of chips by myself. I did still get Mello Yello, but that's only because the tea made me puke one time so I'm also scared about the water.

Today I went to Bojangles. I wanted chicken supremes and mashed potatoes and gravy so bad. And I wanted seasoned fries and honey mustard and sweet tea and everything I shouldn't eat! So I looked on the Bojangles website before going to lunch to see what was healthiest. I had my lunch picked out. When I walked in and smelled that delicious chicken, I really almost changed my mind. But I did good and got the grilled chicken sandwich with just lettuce and tomato (no mayo and no bacon). I used a lot of ketchup to make up for the lack of mayo. And I got the cajun pintos which I had never had before. They tasted like chili and I wanted more of them!

I have to say that I am proud of myself for sticking to my diet (for the most part) and being determined to make good choices!

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