Monday, January 17, 2011

So It's Been A While...

I apparently took a month off from blogging. I don't have a lot of stories to tell from that month. There just wasn't a whole lot going on. It was nice to have the last few weeks without any schoolwork and with lots of down time to just relax.

I did start a diet the first of the year. I chose to do Weight Watchers again since that is the only diet I have ever been successful with. Matthew is going along with the diet too! So far I've lost 5 pounds and Matthew has lost 16!!! We were both sick all last week. I was still able to eat, but Matthew really lost his appetite, which is proven by the weight loss.

School just started back last week. I will be done with my medical transcription program at the end of the summer!!! I am excited about finishing!

I am having a jewelry party this Thursday so we've been cleaning up the house all weekend. This house is a wreck most of the time and I don't even know how it happens. But it's always nice to get it back into shape and have it looking good again. And of course it makes me want to go shopping at Target and Pier 1 and TJ Maxx. Maybe I will go tonight and just take a look and see what I can find!

Yay for 2011 and a new start! I hope this year is better than the last.

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