Monday, August 29, 2011

Did Everyone Survive the Hurricane?

We made it through! I think hurricanes make for pretty boring days stuck in the house. But as I was sitting here watching tv, because we'd yet to lose power, I noticed a small wet spot on the ceiling of our bedroom. No big deal, right? I mean it was raining and the wind was whipping, probably just blowing water under the eaves, right? Well not long after that, the power went out. So then I had nothing to do but watch the wet spot gradually get bigger and bigger! Still, no big deal. It's just a little water.

Three hours later and this rusty colored area starts to show up to the party. Matthew was freaking out by then. He wanted to call someone like right then to come look at it. After I brought him back to reality and reminded him that we were in the middle of a hurricane, he gave up on those dreams of calling someone. Plus, we still had a roof and all the walls to our home. It was just a wet spot!

My parents came over and we packed up everything in the freezer and refrigerator that we wanted to save. We ended up with two huge coolers full of food! They had not had power all day but they did have a generator. By the time we got to their house, their power was back on. I did not want to lose all of that food! I had one whole cooler full of just meats!

After going out to dinner and deciding it was best to stay with my parents, Matthew came back to let Cinnamon out. I felt so bad leaving her here all alone. I know she was scared to death. But she sheds ridiculously bad and dealing with my mom's fussing was not something I was really wanting at that point. Matthew came back yesterday morning to let her out and get a couple of things so we could shower. We spent a few hours cleaning up my parents' yard which was full of limbs and sticks. My body is repaying me today! We headed back home to let Cinnamon out again and woohoo! We had power! I was so excited! I was dreading having to pack up clothes and books and everything to stay with my parents for a couple of days. We were hearing that it would be days before the power would be back on!

Luckily, we didn't have any major damage and nobody that we know did either. I hope that all of you were safe during the storm. I think we have a lot to be thankful for! The storm was supposed to be a lot worse than it actually was. I can't imagine if it had remained a category 3!

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