Tuesday, August 16, 2011

So this is what it feels like!

This is Day 2 of being home and not working full-time. As of right now, I can't say that I could get used to this. I have been really bored in the mornings. I have made plans for the afternoons so I would at least have a reason to shower. Is it sad that I need a reason to shower? But school starts on Friday, and I know then I will be thankful for all of the extra time!

And believe it or not, I have vacuumed (not the whole house, but the main areas), washed dishes, cleaned countertops, organized things, made several crafts, and shopped for school supplies (and maybe some other various decor items)! I really hope that no one is having a stroke after they read that last sentence. Sitting around with all this free time definitely makes me look at a million blogs and Pinterest and get a lot of ideas (that of course cost money)! Like I said though, once school starts it won't be so bad. I won't have time to shop or the money to spend so it will be fine.

I most definitely know that I can never be a full-time stay at home mother. I am just not loving this enough. I have never had time to just be. I've been working at least some amount of time since I was thirteen. I like working. It's fun to me. Not fun like a party, just interesting. I like being busy and learning new things. I don't like being bored. But I am appreciative of the fact that I can take this time for myself for the next 21 months and accomplish a goal, a career, and a lifestyle change. Am I nervous? Heck yes! Am I scared? A little. Am I excited? Most definitely!

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