Sunday, August 21, 2011

I Survived the First Day of School!

Actually, it wasn't so bad. I had two classes, each lasting 2 hours, but the teachers just kind of switched back and forth talking over the entire 4 hour period. My butt was tired of sitting for 4 hours straight! Both teachers like to talk, a lot, and get off on random tangents. We never even got to the syllabus! I'm sure will cover that tomorrow and start learning from those 7 books we have for the class!

I have been so nervous and a little scared over the last couple of months thinking about what it would be like going back to school full-time. Well, I've been in school full-time. I just haven't had to go to class for all of my hours since high school/freshman year of college. But after getting in there yesterday, I was amazingly calm. They aren't going to throw me in there with patients without teaching me what to do first, thank goodness! And I'm really excited now to start learning everything! This upcoming week will be the first full week of school. I'm ready to get myself on a set schedule!

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