Thursday, August 18, 2011

Making Plans!

Since tomorrow is the first day of school, aka my new life, I have decided that Monday I am really going to start this new chapter off the right way. I know that I have said multiple times that I am going to get healthy and lose weight. But this time how can I not follow through? I will have most afternoons free. So I can't possibly make excuses! If anyone has any workout tips or tips on eating right, will you please fill me in! I really want to make it work this time. I don't care how long it takes to get down to the weight I want to be, which is really a general range. I would rather be considered healthy than just at a specific weight. And I will be starting on a Monday because it's just an OCD thing where I have to start at the beginning of the week. Monday has always been the beginning of the week to me instead of Sunday. I consider Sunday the end of the last week. It's a complicated place in my brain haha.


ashley said...

First of all, thank you for your sweet comment! I am now excited to follow your beautiful blog. :)

Secondly, I have struggled with the consistency of working out my whole life too. Since I'm about to start studying physical fitness & getting certified to be a trainer, I'll probably be blogging about it a lot haha. So we will have to talk to each other about it for suuure. :)

Just making a commitment is a great way to start! And pursuing a healthy lifestyle and becoming stronger & more fit is great too, instead of trying to become "skinny" (which is what I used to always want to be). I've found that working towards a time or distance goal (being able to do cardio for 45 min./3 miles/whatever) is usually more effective than working towards a weight loss goal.

Anyway, this is getting rather lengthy, but whenever I see a blog post pop up from you or whenever I think about I'll be praying for your journey. :) Much love!

The Daughtridges said...

Thanks, Ashley! I appreciate the help in advance!

When I played sports in high school I never worried about gaining weight. I didn't gain weight my whole first year of college (until the last month when my friend and I suggested they serve more fried okra and mashed potatoes.. which we ate every single day). I did weight watchers that summer and got down to the size I wanted to be.

After that I gradually gained back to my "regular" weight. Then after meeting my husband, I added on about 45 more pounds! I haven't gained anything since then, but I just haven't gotten rid of it either. So now is definitely the time to make a lifestyle change instead of just losing a few pounds!

Tanner's Mom said...

I started running (jogging) ;) around Father's Day and I only did it because I wanted to be healthier. Travis and I had went shopping at the mall around that time and we were there for like 3 hrs and by the time we got back to the car, I was EXHAUSTED! I was thinking, what is wrong with me?!?!? I am young this should not tire me out! Anyway, I started running and I am happy to say I at least run 3 days a week and now doing Taekwondo with Tanner. I feel so much better and when I went to King's Dominion the other day, I was fine! My legs were not hurting, I didn't feel tired at all! It makes a difference in your overall self-esteem and it feeling healthier helps you make better food choices! I am proud of you and know you can do this!

The Daughtridges said...

I have been thinking about starting to "jog". I definitely could not full on run right now considering how out of shape I am and how long it has been since I last ran haha! And I'm pretty sure I'd have an asthma attack. But I think if I start out at least walking around the neighborhood maybe I can work myself up to walk a block, jog a block, etc. until I can do a full run.