Monday, September 12, 2011


I am telling you, time seriously is flying by lately! What is going on?

I had another impromptu speech in public speaking last Thursday. I guess it's supposed to make us more comfortable being in front of people. Well, after I gave my (supposed to be) 2 minute speech and sat back down, the girl next to me asked why I was so red. Ever heard of anxiety or being nervous or being scared to death? Yeah, that's me! So my face, neck, and chest turn a few shades of red. It's normal, at least for me!

Friday, we had our huge CPR hands-on exam and written test. After being the luckiest person in the room and going first, I am happy to say that I passed both parts with flying colors! I only missed one question on the written test and got to leave class an hour early! I spent the afternoon with my mom and two of her friends going to a furniture consignment store in Knightdale (great stuff there.. lots of Pottery Barn things). We also shopped at TJ Maxx and Baskin Robbins. The only thing I bought was a mocha blast haha!

The weekend was a blur, but it was back to school today. We learned how to wash our hands. Did you know that a 4-hour college class could be based on that? Neither did I. We also got fitted for masks and learned how to dress in a sterile gown and gloves. It was like playing dress up, but being more serious about it. Luckily, there's a photographer in our class so she got some great shots!

And what did I do after all of that hard work? I shopped! I told you that all of this free time is killing me! But I didn't even spend $50. So proud of myself! I got a cute owl, decorative napkins, and some Peeled snacks ( at TJ Maxx. I've been wanting to try those snacks but have only seen them online. I was afraid to buy them not knowing if I'd like them, so I'm glad I saw them! I got some sconces and a cute tin bucket at Ross. And I hit the motherload at Michael's! If you need anything crafty or decorative, go to Michael's this week. Run to Michael's this week, or like right now! Most stuff was 50% off. Scrapbook paper was 6/$1! Picture frames were half off. Photo boxes were 6/$10, regularly $4 each! All flower stems are half off. Seriously, go! I am already wanting to go back and I just left a couple hours ago!

I'll add pics later of all my goodies I bought today!

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ashley said...

I'm so going to Michael's tomorrow. Thanks for the advice. :)