Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Oh, How Time Flies!

Not having class most of the week has clearly freed up a lot of time. But somehow I don't seem to be getting much done.

I have worked on one of the hospital packets. The only blanks I left were dates of shots and doctor visits as well as current medication. I was too lazy to get up and go find the medicine. I have a general idea of what I take and why, but I don't know technical names and dosages. I attempted to do the other one online but the login info doesn't work. Not sure what to do about that one. Then I tried to do some work for my computer class. That website would not load, so I gave up. Even when I make myself finally sit here and accomplish things, I still get nothing accomplished.

But I have gotten a few cute fall tops over the last couple of days! And all but one of them were clearance finds! A couple of them were only $5 which I totally think is an awesome deal considering one is from Belk's. I found five of them at TJ Maxx. I'm pretty sure that three of them were $10 each (and tank tops.. for layering) and the other two were $15 each. My goal is an item of clothing for less than $20. I'd say I beat my own goal this time! Maybe I will have some pictures of me wearing this stuff after the weekend. But don't hold your breath!

I have also been crafting up a storm. I have made a teacher gift, a couple sets of coasters, a gift basket, and I'm working on some other projects. Hopefully I will get pictures up here soon because everything is for sale!

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