Wednesday, September 12, 2012

An Open Refrigerator

When we went to the beach nearly a month ago, Matthew's grandma watched Cinnamon for the weekend. She spent the night here and would go home during the day. When we got home that Sunday night, the refrigerator was wide open. All of our food was sweating. We're not sure what time she had last been here, but we think it was about 3 as we told her we'd be home by 6. However, we didn't get home until 9. So for 6 hours, our refrigerator was wide open! We threw out a whole gallon of milk, butter, lunchmeats, bags of shredded cheese, and plenty of jarred items like dressing, mayo, pickles, etc. It still makes me sick to think about how much money went into the trash.

Today, I did not have school because the teacher divided us up to do our ventilator competencies. I'm not usually here on Wednesdays until late afternoon. I woke up around 9, checked the news and my email, looked at pinterest, read some blogs, went through all the grocery store ads. I watched the Price is Right, some Rachel Ray, Kelly Ripa, etc. and around 12 I decided I was hungry for lunch. That's when I realized the refrigerator door was open. The milk was sweating, the butter was really soft. But did I throw anything away? No, because I refuse to throw even more money away. If we get sick, well so be it haha!

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