Saturday, September 1, 2012

September.. 2/3 of the Year is Gone!

The first week of the fall semester is already done. That went by fast! Only 15 more to go. Thank goodness!

I got my final grades for summer and ended up with an A, B, and C. I'll take it. And for my Liberty philosophy class, a B. The class went better than I expected, but I was overwhelmed the majority of the course because I'm a simple person and that class is far from simple. I'm not a deep person. Philosophy is very deep. My final paper was worth 20% and I got an 85 despite the fact that I didn't use Turabian formatting (what is that anyway?) or any outside sources. They also submit it to check for plagiarism and I had a 0% match because every bit came straight from my head! The teacher left some very nice comments about it otherwise:
          "I can tell that you worked hard and put a lot of thought into it which is the purpose of the assignment.
           I can see you truly grappling with the question of how to respond to intelligent arguments put forth by
           atheists. You have a well written paper which is also well thought out. It does a good job of engaging
           McCloskey’s argument. You deal with his points in a thoughtful fashion that is respectful and

The best thing about September is Labor Day and the extra weekend day I get!

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