Thursday, July 8, 2010


Yep, you heard me! A diet. Difficult. Boring. Expensive. Nasty. Exhausting. Exercise. Healthy. Produce. Home-cooked. All of these words, and more, describe my thoughts when I think of a diet. But Matthew and I have both decided that we need to lose weight. At this point, it is more for health purposes than anything. But it's also for self-confidence, self-esteem, and the fact that I can no longer fit into any of my clothes and refuse to buy any more of the size I currently wear. Matthew was not forced to do this diet. He was strongly encouraged perhaps!

We have chosen to do the Body by Vi diet. I know a couple of people who have been doing the diet for a couple of months and have been successful. So we both thought it was worth a shot. Body by Vi is a meal replacement program. You decide if you want to replace one meal or two meals a day. We have chosen to do two, breakfast and lunch. It sets you up with an account when you first order, kind of like a personal website that has meal suggestions, daily calories allowed, and how many servings of fruits, vegetables, etc. you should have each day. You can choose recipes they suggest or input your own. The database isn't as big as the one I have used on Weight Watchers before, but you can find similar items if you can't find the exact one. It will be close enough.

I will admit, yesterday we did slip up and go to Dairy Queen after dinner and get a small blizzard. The first day was tough. Cutting back to 1,300 calories!!! I'm not sure how many I consumed before. But let's just say that McDonald's was a regular stop. I can only imagine how many calories I was going through each day. Now Matthew gets closer to 2,000. Men. They always get the best diet! And I'm sure he will lose weight way faster than I could ever dream of. He does weight quite a bit more than I do, so I won't hold this against him. I would be happy to see him drop some pounds and get healthier!

So far, the shakes have been good. Today has not been nearly as bad as yesterday. I think that we have to allow some time for our minds to jump on board with this whole diet thing. Matthew has a problem with portion sizes. I also have this problem, but I have dieted before and know the correct sizes. I just choose not to follow them most of the time. I eat for flavor. I crave certain foods. Mostly Mexican. And today I enjoyed it for lunch. I reviewed my calories for the day and figured that if I skip my two snacks for the day, I could have Mexican for lunch. And I did. It's 4 p.m. and I am not hungry yet! This is good. I haven't had one snacky-snack today. Usually I've had at least a snacky-snack or two and maybe a fun size candy bar.

We have both set a goal for how much weight we want to lose. I plan to lose 65 pounds and go down 4 sizes in clothing, and Matthew is set on 60 pounds. There really isn't a timeline for the diet other than we hope to have our goals accomplished before Christmas. I'm not sure how fast the weight will start to come off. This is the second day afterall. But we will keep everyone updated!

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