Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Down to the Wire

Apparently it is the next to last week of summer classes! I thought there were at least three more weeks. So this week I have been spending my time after work at school trying to finish all of my assignments. I have accomplished a lot! I stayed at least two hours the last two nights and now I only have 2 assignments left! I am getting off work a little early so that I won't be there until midnight finishing up! I may swing by the Social Security office if I have time. This name change process is ridiculous! Every time I think I'm almost finished changing my name at all of the billion places that are necessary, one more creeps up and jumps on the list!

There's a small update on Matthew's job interview! There have been a lot of changes since his interview, and at one point there was the slight moment of the complete lack of hope when they said they would no longer be hiring due to changes in the structure of current employees. But now the hope is back after some more changes in current employees and they're still hiring! A decision is supposed to be reached by tomorrow. So Matthew should find out tomorrow or Friday what the verdict is! We are trying to not get our hopes up (as they've already been dashed once since last Wednesday) but are praying diligently for whatever the outcome may be!

And our wedding pictures have finally arrived in the mail! There are 6 discs total! However, my computer is rarely used because it's mean and refuses to do what I need it to do.. like turn on and do computer things. And Matthew's computer has decided that the cd drive won't work, which after some searching we found that it isn't even installed on his computer anymore. So I will be searching for a computer to use for a few hours so that I can look at all of the pictures! I will post some up here.. maybe.. if they're good.. and I like them.. which I know I will!

PS: Matthew's off on Sunday!!! I am super excited!

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