Monday, August 2, 2010

And It's Monday Again...

Well, Matthew did not get the job. He heard back late Thursday. They said they would keep him in mind for future openings, so perhaps it will turn into something good!

This weekend went by so fast, I don't even remember most of it. Friday at work was very hectic and left me with a major migraine by the time I got home. We got a $5 pizza for dinner, because we're just that cheap! And I think I was kind of ill the rest of the night. Then the worst thing that could have ever happened, happened. It was quite humorous to me, but Matthew very much disagreed. Lately, our toilet in the master bathroom has not been flushing on the first flush. It has been taking maybe two or three flushes. And this does not matter if there is nothing in the toilet or a ton of paper in the toilet, it just hates us. So Friday night, close to midnight, I used the bathroom and it would not flush. I waited and flushed again, and it still would not go down. So I reverted to my begging for Matthew to help, which he hates because I just want him to fix everything, and he can't fix everything like I think he should. Matthew is impatient and wouldn't wait for the water to go down before he flushed it again. There was yelling from his end and laughing from mine... because the toilet was overflowing onto the bathroom floor!

Saturday, I wanted to wake up early and go to the farmer's market and to a yard sale they were having for the Red Cross. But Matthew was too tired to wake up due to the previous nights activities (a.k.a. the toilet overflowing) so we did not go! I was kind of disappointed but I was just fine with staying in bed. Matthew had to be at work at 10:30 and I managed to wake up before he left. I laid around the house with Cinnamon just relaxing and watching television. We were watching some movie but I can't remember what it was. It was good though, because I didn't even change the channels during commercials for fear that I would miss something! I went grocery shopping late Saturday afternoon, but only made it to one store because my headache was getting worse. I did eat lunch with Matthew at Chick-fil-a though! And it was soooo good!

Saturday night, I babysat 4 kids. Yes, I said 4. I kept the two kids that were in our wedding, their older brother, and a friend of their parents' little boy. They were 1 1/2, almost 4, 6, and 8. They really weren't that hard to handle though! They had pizza for dinner when I got there and kind of took care of themselves for the most part! I just had to keep the baby from eating toys, change a couple diapers, and keep getting juice and snacks for everyone! It was a lot of fun though! I think that I could easily handle children of my own one day as long as they were like these kids and could entertain themselves for the most part. I also babysat on Thursday night after work for about 4 hours. That was a 3 month old and a 2 year old. I would have to say the 4 kids was easier than just the 2. And I think that has to do with the age. I have never kept a 3 month old before. I used to keep a 6 month old on a regular basis (obviously he aged the longer I kept him), but the 3 month was totally different. I'm not used to babies not being able to even sit up or roll over or crawl. It was very strange to me! She was so cute, even though she cried for a really long time and wouldn't go to sleep! But I fared quite well I think! All of this proves that I am not ready for a baby any time soon, but I can definitely handle children of age. So maybe adoption is the answer haha! Just kidding. It will be a long time before I want any children running around. I need to catch up on sleep first!

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