Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 25 - Your Day, In Great Detail

I will tell you about yesterday since it's already over with and so I can tell you about the entire day.

6:30 - Woke up way earlier than usual.
6:40 - Started searching the house for a textbook that I never found.
7:00 - Decided to get online and see if I had sold the book. And I didn't.
7:25 - Finally got in the shower.
8:12 - Left for work.
8:23 - Arrived at work.
11:30 - Went to lunch.
2:15 - Left work because I had a terrible migraine (which I'd had all day but it was just getting worse and worse).
2:30 - Got home, took Cinnamon out, and changed into my pj's.
2:45 - Went to sleep.
7:45 - Woke up and ate dinner and watched some tv. And my head was feeling much better at this point.
9:15 - My head started hurting so bad I couldn't even stand to turn my head.
9:30 - Took some medicine.
10:00 - My headache was gone, but I couldn't get to sleep.
12:00 - Finally got to sleep!

This is definitely not a typical day for me by any means! But I feel much better today!

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