Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 24 - Where I Live

I live...

...in a town that's not too big and not too small.
...close to a city but right around the corner from the country.
...five minutes from where I've lived my entire life.
...where I don't think there's much to do for entertainment, but it's a lot more than some places I've been.
...close to my family. And as much as I want to move far away, I don't want to leave them.
...where I know my way to just about everything.
...two hours from the beach and four hours from the mountains.
...where I know most people (or at least recognize them) that I interact with on a daily basis.
...in a place full of history, and I love that.
...less than ten minutes from everything: the mall, several grocery stores, two Wal-marts, Target, several drug stores, and tons of fast food places and restaurants.
...in a state that has incredible colleges and universities and hospitals.
...in a place that offers more opportunities, choices, and variety than any place I've been.
...in a place that means something to me.

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