Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 19 - A Talent of Yours

Hmm.. I don't have any super amazing talents like being able to swallow fiery swords or anything like that. But I will tell you a few things that make me feel more confident and boost my self esteem and that I consider to be a talent since not everyone can do these things well.

I have a natural affinity for cooking and I always have. I don't have to try hard to cook food that tastes good. I just get in the kitchen, make the food, and there have been very few things to turn out badly. And I'm not skinny, so obviously I feed myself well!

I have been told that I'm good at decorating. Of course I think I am good at this because I decorate according to my tastes. But when someone else tells you that they like what you've done, then you know you've got it going on!

I consider myself talented at saving money and couponing. I know that's not really a talent, but it's not like everyone in America can limit themselves to a $50 a week grocery budget, and not necessarily always spend that much. And not everyone can train their minds to reason and have limits on spending in their nature. If an item of food costs over $1 or $2, I seriously reason out in my mind if it's worth the cost and could I ever get it cheaper.

I have a talent for typing fast as well as proofreading for errors. I am studying to be a Medical Transcriptionist, so these are great talents to have!

I am sure that as I grow older, I will discover more and more talents that I have been given!

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