Wednesday, July 14, 2010

One Month Anniversary (a couple days late)

Matthew and I have been married for a month! Can you believe it? I feel like time has flown by. And as all men go, I had to remind Matthew that it had been a month. I hope he remembers the one year anniversary!

We had a nice weekend, if only it had been a day or two longer! I slept in on Saturday while Matthew cut the grass. Then we decided to go swimming for a little while. That's when we found out that my uncle had been in a bad wreck that totaled his brand new car. I just remember crying! At the time, they weren't sure if he had a stroke or what had happened. They took him to the hospital a little further away, and a lot better than the one close by. He came home Monday afternoon! He had no scratches or bruises from the accident. And after running all kinds of tests, they could find nothing wrong with him. They did find an infection in his arm due to scratches from a friend's dog. And all they could come up with was that a blood clot had formed and traveled to his brain where it broke apart causing him to black out and lose control of the car. I think he was more upset about the car, but he felt very lucky to have come out with no problems! After many tears, we managed to go to the pool for about an hour before heading back home and going out to eat with Matthew's parents.

We went to church Sunday morning and then to eat at Matthew's grandparents'. As we are still on our diet, I think Matthew found it quite difficult to choose the right foods and the right portions from his grandpa's country cooking. After one, much smaller than usual, plate, Matthew said his stomach was hurting from eating too much and he gave up on eating anything more. I was in shock! I couldn't believe that Matthew was full! It was definitely a first! The rest of the afternoon was spent washing loads of sheets and towels, running the dishwasher several times, and putting more gifts away. The house is starting to look like a house again and not a storage room! Only a few more things left to go! We went to eat dinner with my parents Sunday night, and dinner was quite disappointing. It just didn't hit the spot!

On our one month anniversary day, we did all the fun things of adult life. I cooked dinner, then we grocery shopped! I know that sounds so boring, but couponing makes it so much more fun! We ended up with so much good stuff. I of course went over my weekly budget by $5.50. But that's okay! We needed toilet paper really bad! And it wasn't until after all of this that Matthew finally realized (after I told him of course) that it was our one month anniversary.

So here we are on our one week point of our diet. And the results are in! I have lost 4 lbs. and Matthew has lost 6 lbs. Not bad! Matthew has fought some of the times. He did sneak an oatmeal creme pie, which he claims he gave half to Cinnamon. I'm not entirely sure about the truth on that one! He did eat more at dinner a couple times than he should have. But I may have done the same a time or two. The important thing is, we have lowered our calorie intake, our portion sizes, and have begun making healthier choices for meals and snacks. I think we are on the right track! Only 61 more lbs. to go for me and 54 left for Matthew! I told you the man would lose it faster!

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