Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Step Two.. The Kitchen!

I am going to finish the kitchen today! And by finish, I mean that all the gifts will absolutely be cleaned and put in their places. My mom is coming over after I get off work to help me out! No matter how much I work on getting that kitchen done, it never looks like I do anything. That will all change tonight! We are going to organize all the cabinets as well which is what I am most looking forward to! I can never find anything I'm looking for. Every time Matthew uses something, he puts it in a different place than where he found it! Maybe I will put some pictures up once it's looking like a kitchen again and not a storage shed!

On another note, Matthew has a job interview once he gets off work today! The hours are not amazing, but it is something we have both prayed about and talked about. The pay is way better than his current job, not that money is the most important thing. It will also require a commute, a small one, but still that is wear and tear on his car. There will be a lot of sacrifice on spending time together, which we all know is something I've been struggling with. But maybe this is my sign that I will be forced to be more independent.

The last year has not been a bed full of roses. Before Matthew's current job, he was unemployed for 6 months. He actually lost his job about two weeks after we purchased our home. I just cried because I was so scared we would lose it. The day his unemployment ran out, he got his first paycheck from his job. And that 6 months that he wasn't working.. well I still thank God every day because I know that it is only by His grace that we didn't struggle with paying bills. In fact, I stress every week about paying bills and worrying if we have enough. And I think back to when Matthew was only getting 1/4 of that. I am more and more amazed each time I think about it! Right now, we can hardly save anything because we are paying down so much and this job would allow us the chance to save up for a family. We are not ready for a family now.. not mentally, emotionally, financially, etc. But if we can start on the financial, I think my mind and emotions will jump on board!

I am trying not to get my hopes up until there is a definite yes. But if someone would just be willing to take a chance on him and teach him the job, I know that he could do it! We all know that you don't have to know something before you do it. I have found that after a while, the job will turn into a habit and you can become good at anything as long as someone takes a chance on you! I know taking risks has gotten this country and its businesses in a hot mess over the years, but perhaps that was only because they were risks not worth taking. America after all was formed out of a giant risk. Back to what I was saying, so if someone would just take a risk and give Matthew a chance! That is all.

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