Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's Hump Day! And I'm Ready for Friday!

I was so happy to see this past weekend! I don't even remember Friday night. That means it was probably a lazy night of me changing into my pj's as soon as I got home! Love that feeling!

Saturday, we slept in, which was super nice! Matthew had to be at work at 2:30, so he went and picked up Bojangles for a late breakfast. I can taste that cheddar-bo right now! While Matthew was away, I cleaned and unpacked and cleaned some more. Remember, I was trying my best to stay motivated! I didn't even shower until 7 p.m. because I knew I would get all sweaty cleaning up. (On a side note, I've always thought that was ironic that you get dirty when you're cleaning.) I unpacked all of our new china and crystal. I ran the dishwasher at least twice and unloaded it both times. I washed two loads of towels. Of course those were left for Matthew to fold. I can't do everything! And I also made a pasta salad for July 4th! After all of that work, it still looked like I hadn't done anything! There were a lot of empty boxes and bags though that proved I had worked hard! I also don't remember Saturday night. I can't tell you what we did for dinner or after dinner. Was I even awake for dinner?

Matthew worked all day on Sunday. I decided to go ahead and get up when he left so I could get ready and go to church. Shocker! I know. I told you, we really like this new church. So I'm making an effort! I sat with my cousin, also named Matthew, and then we went to El Tapatio after for lunch. I had already done more in this half a day than I have done most weekend days in my whole life. After lunch, I went home and did all of my homework. And then I napped. It was July 4th! So after my nap, I went over to my parents to walk down to Englewood to eat and watch the fireworks. Matthew came out after he got off work. We had a lot of fun with everyone that came out to join us! I even got a sno cone! You just don't even know how long I have been wanting a sno cone..years! I love them! What flavor you ask? Tiger's Blood and Blue Raspberry. YUM!!! So good! Yes, it was a large. And no, I did not eat the whole thing. But I wanted to!

Monday was such a long day. I am thankful for legal holidays and for being off work on such holidays! But I just did not feel well at all. I was fine when I woke up. I even watched a movie, 28 Days Later. But after eating one hotdog for lunch, I felt so sick I could barely stand. I was dizzy and nauseous and my head was throbbing. And that is what headache medicine is for! I slept for the next 3 hours when I woke up sweating to death. Then I fell right back asleep. I may or may not have eaten a couple of brownies in between. I slept until 7, and the only reason I got up then was because Matthew was getting off at 7:30. So I jumped up and showered and got dressed. We went and Matthew's grandparents. Not the food I was craving, that's for sure! I did manage to eat one hotdog, a spoonful of beans, and a spoonful of potato salad. And I was done! Food was so not appealing!

The last two days have been spent at work, and the same goes for today! I am ready for another weekend! Things are looking up though, as Matthew was off yesterday and managed to clean the living room and kitchen as well as fold the towels and the other baskets of clothes. He even finally finished putting down our new patio!!! There are a few more final touches to be done and then we have to put the patio furniture together! But then, we can sit outside and enjoy ourselves! Can't wait!

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