Thursday, July 1, 2010

Married Life!

So you are probably wondering how married life is so far! It has been two and a half weeks since we got married! And I feel like time has been flying by. I honestly feel like we have been married for months now! The last year of planning a wedding went by so slowly compared to the last few days!

We have both been back at work since we got back from the honeymoon. It has been somewhat of a hard adjustment, especially since this week Matthew is having to work eight days straight. His schedule is just like it was before the wedding, it varied from week to week. He would work most weekends, go in late in the day, get off late, go in early, get off early. Every week was different from the last. So I'm not sure what I was expecting. I guess I was just hoping that maybe they would decide to give him more of a regular schedule. But no! I have been trying to schedule myself around his schedule. I try to go to my class when he is working late and try to go straight home on days that he gets off early. And I don't think I've prepared myself for this weekend! Matthew was off last weekend, which was really nice! But this weekend, I will be all alone! And of course I am off on Monday and Matthew will be working. Hopefully, I can make myself be productive instead of sleeping the whole weekend!

We have made several purchases for the house together. Matthew has been working on putting a patio down right off the deck! I am so excited for this project to be done and to set the patio furniture up! Of course, I will have to bathe in bug spray before I can go out there, but it will be worth it! We also purchased a hutch for the kitchen so we could put all of our china somewhere safe and of course somewhere cute! And of course we are working our way through the gifts, putting them in their places, returning multiples, etc. I am also trying to go ahead and empty the old things out of the cabinets and get them ready for a yard sale sometime later this year. The dishwasher has been working overtime! We can't seem to get it done fast enough! Hopefully after the patio is done, Matthew will finally finish the flooring project started a couple months ago, and then we can get the kitchen painted! I have convinced myself that if the kitchen is painted, I will be more motivated to actually put all of the gifts away and clean out the cabinets! We'll see how that goes! But I will just be glad to have it painted! At least it will look better!

Things have been great though! Our goals for the month of July are to really limit our spending, save more, and stick to our budget! I have always been a saver. Matthew has always been a spender. But we are both used to relying on our families for support and extra help. Now, it all depends on us! So we really want to start off on the right foot! We haven't sat down and discussed exactly how much we hope to save for the remainder of the year or anything like that yet. But we have thrown around some ideas of how much we think we can set aside each month. Hopefully we will be on the same page! Or at least talk our way into being on the same page!

Also, on a side note! Matthew and I have found a church that we really like! We have only been a couple Sundays, since Matthew is usually working. But Matthew has put in a request to no longer be scheduled on Sundays! I hope they will accept his request so that we can go on a regular basis and not every once in a while! The preaching is great, their is a choir, they sing out of the hymnal (as well as other songs), and it is a small church! We are both excited to have found a church where we feel comfortable and feel that we are getting something out of church and not going just to be going!

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